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Ukraine today and tomorrow Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovensko

07.12.2022 - 21.12.2022

The exhibition "Ukraine yesterday and today" combines two art projects: the first refers to the art project "Yellow and Blue"...


Ján Vasilko - Inside the surface Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovensko

06.12.2022 - 29.01.2023

Ján Vasilko (1979, Humenné) studied at the Faculty of Arts in Košice from 1999 to 2005 in the Studio of Contemporary Painting under Prof. Rudolf Sikora...


Mária Nerádová exhibition Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovakia

22.11.2022 - 29.01.2023

Mária Nerádová’s artistic beginnings were not easy...


Christmas Main Market 2022 Hlavné námestie, Bratislava, Slovakia

24.11.2022 - 22.12.2022

And of course, we cannot forget the Christmas Market on the Main Square. The 🎁Christmas Main Market returns to the city centre after a two-year break...


Ružinov Christmas Markets Park Andreja Hlinku, Ružinov, Slovakia

24.11.2022 - 22.12.2022

On November 24th, the Christmas markets of the Ružinov district will begin! From Thursday 24th November to 22nd December every day...


Petržalka Christmas Markets Dostihová dráha Petržalka, Starohájska, Petržalka, Slovakia

24.11.2022 - 22.12.2022

Christmas festival of street food, mulled wine and punch, this time at the racecourse in Petržalka! The Petržalka Christmas Market 2022 will take place every day from Thursday 24 November until 22...


Karol Felix- Dreamcatcher Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Čunovo, Slovensko

01.11.2022 - 29.01.2023

I listen to what the picture tells me and I allow it to lead me,” says Karol Felix, and we listen together with him. His graphic works and paintings show things which are to us intimately familiar...


LA FILLE MAL GARDÉ Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia

18.11.2022 - 18.02.2023

Ballet for the whole family...


Spievankovo concerts DK Zrkadlový háj, Rovniankova 3, Bratislava - Petržalka, Slovakia

02.12.2022 - 11.12.2022

Great news for all moms and their little ones! Spievankovo is going on a Christmas tour and will perform in Bratislava! There is always something going on in SPIEVANKOVO and it's always fun...


NEPOVINNE PO VÍNE Divadlo Nová scéna, Živnostenská, Bratislava, Slovensko

25.11.2022 - 16.12.2022

Štartujeme cyklus večerov pre milovníkov poézie v inom šate! Hudobno – poetické pásmo  „Nepovinne po víne“ štartuje cyklus večerov, ktoré sa budú venovať slovenskej poézii v inom...


TUČNIAKY Divadlo Nová scéna, Živnostenská, Bratislava, Slovensko

04.12.2022 - 18.12.2022

Do Divadla Nová Scéna prichádza nová Rozprávka TUČNIAKY pre deti, ale radosť určite urobí aj dospelým! Sú traja a sú kamaráti...


Hommage à Marián Varga in Bratislava Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Čunovo, Slovensko

29.10.2022 - 29.01.2023

Marián Varga (1947-2017) was a composer, pianist and Hammond organ player. He was active in rock music, autonomous, so-called classical music and improvisational and experimental music...


Čistý dom Bratislava, Slovensko

04.11.2022 - 27.12.2022

Oceňovaná hĺbavá komédia o upratovaní duší, vzťahov a domu, ktorý je metaforou našich pôvabne zmätených životov. Zrazu nič nie je ako bolo, nič nie je ako sa patrí...


33 days with bears Galéria SPP, Mlynské nivy, Ružinov, Slovensko

07.10.2022 - 06.01.2023

Get to know the life of Martin Gregus with polar bears. Winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Martin Greguš exhibits in the SPP Gallery...


Georgian restaurant Brečtanová, Bratislava, Slovakia

30.09.2022 - 31.12.2024

If you feel like trying something new, we recommend Batoni Restaurant...


Creaks - The Art of Play BIBIANA, Panská, Old Town, Slovakia

01.10.2022 - 29.01.2023

Computer game lovers will be delighted with the Creaks exhibition...


ANIMANIMALS in Bibiana BIBIANA, Panská, Old Town, Slovakia

01.10.2022 - 12.03.2023

The exhibition was created in collaboration with the German animation studio FILM BILDER in Stuttgart, based on the series Animanimals...


Tresky plesky exhibition BIBIANA, Panská, Old Town, Slovakia

01.10.2022 - 16.04.2023

Embark on an adventurous journey in the footsteps of reporter Katy Stroff at the exhibition Tresky Plesky...


Cosmos Discovery Exhibition Incheba Expo Bratislava, Petržalka, Slovakia

01.10.2022 - 28.02.2023

The World Space Discovery exhibition traces manned spaceflight from its origins to current and planned missions...


Carmen Bratislava, Slovensko

28.09.2022 - 07.05.2023

One of the most popular works of the world opera repertoire is a fascinating essence of French charm and Spanish passion...


ÚĽUV Craftsmen days Tyršovo nábrežie, Petržalka, Slovakia

17.11.2022 - 22.12.2022

🐎 HIJÓÓÓ for traditional crafts at Tyršák! 🌟 Come and enjoy the festive atmosphere, meet your family, friends or colleagues on the heated terraces of the Winter Tyršák and make yourself...


24 Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia

16.10.2022 - 13.12.2022

Hra napísaná podľa reálnych skutočností. S vojnou na Ukrajine sme objavili nepoznaný strach...


Petanque Bratislava Au Café, Tyršovo nábrežie, Petržalka, Slovakia

29.03.2022 - 29.12.2022

STÁLE DOBRÍ n.o. opens the fourth season of the game "Petanque"...


Coordination exercises for seniors Medická záhrada, Špitálska, Bratislava, Slovakia

01.03.2022 - 17.12.2022

Dear friends, Come and train your memory with us in the Medical Garden. Starting 1.3.2022 There are exercises waiting for you, your head - memory, concentration or coordination...


Let's have fun with foreign languages Bratislava, Slovakia

22.02.2022 - 29.12.2022

Foreign languages as fun. Regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from February 2022 to December 2022 The initiative "Let's have fun with foreign languages" with Mr. Jan Krajcik, RNDr...


Urban Market Christmas Edition Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovakia

07.12.2022 - 21.12.2022

It's time to get in the right Christmas spirit, support local authors, buy original Christmas gifts and learn something new during the cultural programme - the Christmas edition of the urban market...


Christmas Market at Dulák Dulovo námestie, Bratislava, Slovensko

24.11.2022 - 22.12.2022

After a three-year break, the Dulák Christmas Market will take place from Thursday 24 November to Thursday 22 December 2022 on Dulovo Square in front of the Apollo Hotel...


Bratislava Book Exchange Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovakia

12.02.2022 - 17.12.2022

There are never enough books - and while it feels great to have shelves full of them at home, sometimes it's time to move one or two on, make room for a new story, a new book...


Inter Flea Market FK INTER Bratislava, Drieňová, Ružinov, Slovakia

01.08.2021 - 31.08.2024

Our favorite Inter flea market will take place again in August! Are you interested in checking out a REALLY real flea market - one where something that is junk for one person is a treasure for...


Christmas Days in Incheba Incheba Expo Bratislava, Petržalka, Slovensko

01.12.2022 - 19.12.2022

Tune in to the atmosphere of the most beautiful holiday of the year and come to Incheba for Christmas Days...


Bratislava Design Week Bratislava, Slovakia

07.12.2022 - 14.12.2022

During the most intensive design week in Slovakia, a number of designers, students and design studios will present their work - and this year's theme is fragility...


Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovensko

30.09.2020 - 31.12.2022

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, or well known as Danubiana, is located in a calming environment on the Danube island 20 km from Bratislava and is one of the most popular tourist destinations,...


Cake to go Bratislava, Slovakia

22.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Do you like cakes? Try these patisseries with home delivery. 1. Le Miam – Pâtisserie francaise à Bratislava Le Miam brings a little bit of Paris to our little Bratislava...


Top 10 boardgames to play at home Bratislava, Slovakia

01.04.2020 - 31.12.2024

Don't you know what to do at home? Play a modern board game with your family. Here are 10 tips from the best. 1...


On the Road Bratislava, Slovakia

11.03.2022 - 31.12.2022

The travel festival On the Road inspires people to travel to all corners of the world and explore the unknown...


RIVERBANK Restaurant Bratislava RIVERBANK Restaurant, Dvořákovo nábrežie, Bratislava, Slovakia

30.12.2019 - 31.12.2024

If you are looking for a combination of traditional Prešpor cuisine in a modern design, you should try RIVERBANK Restaurant...


Fresh Market Bratislava Rožňavská 1a, Bratislava, Slovensko

03.03.2020 - 31.12.2024

If you love fresh healthy and good food, you definitely have to visit Fresh Market. You will find more than 40 shops, 30 restaurants and 20 market tables under one roof...


Bratislava castle Bratislavský hrad, Bratislava, Slovensko

20.03.2021 - 31.12.2022

The most famous feature of Bratislava is definitely Bratislava Castle. The "Upside-down table" rises above the Danube and can be seen from afar...


Jump Arena Ivanská cesta 30, Bratislava, Slovensko

14.02.2020 - 31.12.2022

Come here and just jump. You will definitely get over everything that is stressing you right now. You have at least an hour to discover your abilities...


Mecheche Restaurant Bratislava Nedbalova 12, Bratislava, Slovensko

12.12.2018 - 31.12.2024

If you like tapas and good wine, this is the place to go for dinner in Bratislava. Exceptional cuisine, great wine at great prices and entertainment on two floors. You can find them on Nedbalova 12...

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