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The best events and things to do in Bratislava in one place. Find the best events, concerts, markets, children's and other events happening this weekend in Bratislava.

1. Devínsky majáles
2. Liquicity Bratislava
3. The Duchon´s
4. Musical Čajočky
5. Swing May Ball
6. Urban market
8. Bratislava Book Exchange
9. Cuban Night
10. Magical Nights at the Opera
11. and much more


Karlovesky May Ball Karlova Ves, Slovensko

25.05.2022 - 28.05.2022

The may balls season is in full swing. We bring to your attention the next one, the May Ball in Karlova Ves. Come to the Celebration of Life from May 25 to 28...


JOX party Bratislava LOFT05, Ventúrska, Staré Mesto, Slovensko


JOX party is for those who love dance music and want to have fun with good taste. No matter who you love, what you prefer, you are welcome with us...


Musical Čajočky Karloveská, Karlova Ves, Slovensko

21.05.2022 - 10.06.2022

The wacky, sexy musical comedy Čajočky is back! Directed by Jan Ďurovčík, hits by Peter Nagy and with a brand new cast. Definitely something to look forward to...


The Garden of Fairy Tales BIBIANA, medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti, Panská, Bratislava, Slovensko

28.04.2022 - 29.05.2022

Handmade beehives with bees hanging from the ceiling, traditional fairy tale costumes, a chameleon made of large-scale jigsaw puzzles, a picture painted in the dark or the mysteries of musical instruments.....


Army Of Lovers Show BRATISLAVA ANDERSEN CAFE & BAR, Rajská, Bratislava, Slovensko


It doesn't matter if you are long, short, if you love your cat, your neighbour or just yourself. Love has no limits as well as this absurd variety show. Four performers will take you to the most secret places of your imagination...


Česká hračka včera a dnes Prepoštská 6, Bratislava, Slovensko

14.05.2022 - 31.07.2022

Mini Wonders | Česká hračka včera a dnes. Atraktívna výstava nielen pre najmenších je prehliadkou designu českých hračiek. Zoznamuje malých aj veľkých návštevníkov s jej históriou, vývojom a súčasnými trendmi...


24 Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia

20.05.2022 - 26.06.2022

V súčasnosti je každá hodina dňa neistá. Prináša zmenu, rozdeľuje aj spája. Tekutá realita. Nová realita. Topíme sa v nej, snažíme sa zorientovať, nadýchnuť. Nanovo si definujeme skutočnosť...


Ronald Brautigam concert Zrkadlová sieň Primaciálneho paláca, Primaciálne námestie, Bratislava, Slovensko


The Early Music Centre invites you to a recital by world-renowned Beethoven specialist Ronald Brautigam. In a representative programme of Beethoven's sonatas, the Dutch artist will also perform the Sonata in E flat major, Op. 7...


FASHION BALLET ´22 Bratislava Bratislava, Slovensko

26.05.2022 - 27.05.2022

Ballet and fashion – two separate art forms that primarily address the observer through visual perception...


RETRO vinyl party KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovensko


Whether you're flying a rocket with Majka from Gurun, riding a horse with Pipi or solving mysteries with the Three Searchers, you'll find all the adventures of a lifetime at this party! Come down from the cold clouds to our dance floor and discover...


Pride and Vulnerability exhibition Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovensko

03.05.2022 - 19.06.2022

MARIELIS SEYLER Pride and Vulnerability. Marielis Seyler is an exceptional Austrian artist...


Small wine alley Radničné námestie, Pezinok, Slovensko

30.04.2022 - 10.09.2022

This year you can look forward to the eighth edition of Malá vínna ulička Festival. The first meeting this year will take place on Saturday, April 30...


Manuscripts of the Masters ballet Bratislava, Slovensko

29.04.2022 - 02.06.2022

An exclusive evening of neoclassical ballet that is a celebration of the human body...


VIVO! run Kuchajda, Bratislava, Slovakia

26.03.2022 - 25.09.2022

Running has recently become the favourite sport of a large number of people - this is a very positive trend and it is a good idea to give it a chance...


AD SNIJDERS: RETROSPECTIVE Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovensko

18.03.2022 - 27.05.2022

Adrianus Cornelis Snijders was born on May 12, 1929 in Eindhoven. Thanks to French government grants in 1961 and 1962, he studied at La Grande Chaumière in Paris...


Petanque Bratislava Au Café, Tyršovo nábrežie, Petržalka, Slovakia

29.03.2022 - 29.12.2022

STÁLE DOBRÍ n.o. opens the fourth season of the game "Petanque". We offer you the opportunity to spend pleasant moments in the fresh air, with old and new friends, to move around and practice your concentration and tactics...


Opera Rusalka in Bratislava Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia

04.03.2022 - 11.06.2022

Lyric opera in three acts in Czech language, Czech and German subtitles. Dvořák's Rusalka is far from being just a romantic fairy tale...


Coordination exercises for seniors Medická záhrada, Špitálska, Bratislava, Slovakia

01.03.2022 - 17.12.2022

Dear friends, Come and train your memory with us in the Medical Garden. Starting 1.3.2022 There are exercises waiting for you, your head - memory, concentration or coordination...


Let's have fun with foreign languages Bratislava, Slovakia

22.02.2022 - 29.12.2022

Foreign languages as fun. Regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from February 2022 to December 2022 The initiative "Let's have fun with foreign languages" with Mr. Jan Krajcik, RNDr...


The Devil and Kate Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia

26.02.2022 - 31.05.2022

Opera in three acts in Czech language. A family opera by Antonín Dvořák based on the Czech folk fairy tale about the wise Jirka, the cheeky Káča and the cunning devil Marbuel...


From toy to toy BIBIANA, medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti, Panská, Bratislava, Slovensko

17.09.2021 - 30.08.2022

A well-designed and well-made toy promotes and develops a sense of beauty, purpose and empathy. The tour of the exhibition begins with a reproduction of a painting by Pieter Brueghel, where children can look for games that are still played today...


Playful head BIBIANA, medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti, Panská, Bratislava, Slovensko

18.02.2022 - 18.09.2022

The "Playful Head" exhibition is designed for all curious children who want to explore, investigate and discover the nooks and crannies of the human head...


Art Spectrum 2022 Národné osvetové centrum / V-klub, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovensko

17.01.2022 - 23.07.2022

ART SPEKTRUM 2022 - do not hesitate to enter the art competition! Regional competition and exhibition of non-professional art, Bratislava region INVITATION TO THE COMPETITION: The competition is open to all non-professional visual artists aged 15...


CINEAMA 2022 competition Národné osvetové centrum / V-klub, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovensko

17.01.2022 - 23.06.2022

CINEAMA 2022 - don't hesitate to enter the filmmaking competition! 30th year of the national competition and showcase of amateur filmmaking INVITATION TO THE COMPETITION: The competition is open to all amateur filmmakers residing or working in the...


Božena Plocháňová: Illustrations Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovensko

18.01.2022 - 29.05.2022

Božena Plocháňová (born Bauerová) (* January 2, 1929, Prague - † August 11, 2020, Bratislava) was a Slovak illustrator and cartoonist of Czech origin...


Opera La Traviata Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia

23.03.2022 - 22.06.2022

Romantic opera in three acts in Italian language with Slovak and English subtitles...


An exceptional gift from the SND Bratislava, Slovakia

06.12.2021 - 06.12.2022

Theatre is the right place where we can forget about our own problems - pandemic, personal, professional...


Radosť byť seniorom Dom Albrechtovcov, Kapitulská, Bratislava, Slovakia


Ako sa dnes v Bratislave žije aktívnym seniorom? Majú dostatok podnetov pre zmysluplné trávenie voľného času? Zistenia sú pozitívne. Aktívny senior si môže vyberať z čoraz bohatšej ponuky možností...


A bit differently with Adela Námestie 1. mája, Bratislava, Slovakia

23.04.2022 - 28.05.2022

Adela Vinczeová is one of the most famous celebrities in the country, and rightly so - not only because of her looks, but also because of her humour and intelligence, she has been part of the Slovak cultural (and not only the mass) scene for many...


Bratislava Book Exchange Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovakia

12.02.2022 - 17.12.2022

There are never enough books - and while it feels great to have shelves full of them at home, sometimes it's time to move one or two on, make room for a new story, a new book...


Inter Flea Market FK INTER Bratislava, Drieňová, Ružinov, Slovakia

01.08.2021 - 31.08.2024

Our favorite Inter flea market will take place again in August! Are you interested in checking out a REALLY real flea market - one where something that is junk for one person is a treasure for another, and the golden rules are that all the things...


NEW YORK CITY NIGHT SHOW Red Cat Cabaret Club, Obchodná, Bratislava, Slovensko

18.03.2022 - 16.06.2022

NEW YORK CITY NIGHT SHOW Anča Pagáčová and other dirty stories. Bestseller Hello...


Night on BROADWAY Bratislava Red Cat Cabaret Club, Obchodná, Bratislava, Slovensko

28.01.2022 - 30.06.2022

The Only Helga and her guests will take you through a night on Broadway! The Luis Cabaret Orchestra and our show ensemble will royally serve you world-famous musical tunes...


THE COTTON CLUB Bratislava Red Cat Cabaret Club, Obchodná, Bratislava, Slovensko

21.01.2022 - 17.06.2022

The immortal music embracing you all over, wild and daring dancers and seductive singers...


BURLESQUE SHOW Bratislava Red Cat Cabaret Club, Obchodná, Bratislava, Slovensko

20.05.2022 - 01.07.2022

The divine NeferNefer presents her Burlesque show! The seductive performances of the lovely ladies are accompanied by refinement, humour, quality music and impressive choreographies with a spicy touch...


The Big Bang Theory Quiz KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovakia


Whether you're a scientist, a cowboy, a comic book fan, a germaphobe, or a relentless fun-fact teller, you've got a spot on our couch! You're in for a big quiz bang during this fun evening, where we'll experiment with both string theory of thought...


Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum Danubiana, Čunovo, Slovensko

30.09.2020 - 31.12.2022

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, or well known as Danubiana, is located in a calming environment on the Danube island 20 km from Bratislava and is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially for tourists, but for locals as well...


Cirkul´art Bratislava, Slovensko

27.05.2022 - 29.05.2022

International Festival of New Circus Cirkul'art 2022 is coming to Stupava! The festival is a showcase of creative and genre-diverse artistic productions that focus on theatre and circus simultaneously. It is the only event of its kind in Slovakia...


Cake to go Bratislava, Slovakia

22.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Do you like cakes? Try these patisseries with home delivery. 1. Le Miam – Pâtisserie francaise à Bratislava Le Miam brings a little bit of Paris to our little Bratislava...


Top 10 boardgames to play at home Bratislava, Slovakia

01.04.2020 - 31.12.2022

Don't you know what to do at home? Play a modern board game with your family. Here are 10 tips from the best. 1...


On the Road Bratislava, Slovakia

11.03.2022 - 31.12.2022

The travel festival On the Road inspires people to travel to all corners of the world and explore the unknown...


RIVERBANK Restaurant RIVERBANK Restaurant, Dvořákovo nábrežie, Bratislava, Slovakia

30.12.2019 - 31.12.2022

If you are looking for a combination of traditional Prešporok (former Bratislava) cuisine in a modern French design, in RIVERBANK Restaurant you are at the right place. Using the finest homemade seasonal ingredients you can enjoy a fantastic meal...


The Taste - Wine&Food Laurinská 8, Bratislava, Slovakia

21.01.2020 - 31.12.2022

A modern restaurant where wine and food form a harmonious unit. Taste dishes made from fresh ingredients, matched with the best wines from Slovakia and around the world...


Sheraton Bratislava Hotel Sheraton Bratislava Hotel, Pribinova, Ružinov, Slovakia

05.06.2019 - 31.12.2025

Sheraton Bratislava Hotel offers 209 tastefully decorated guest rooms including 23 luxurious suites, true French Brasserie Anjou, vibrant Amber's Bar and Port Wilson Lobby Lounge and an exclusive Sheraton Club...


Fresh Market Rožňavská 1a, Bratislava, Slovensko

03.03.2020 - 31.12.2022

If you love fresh healthy and good food, you definitely have to visit Fresh Market. You will find more than 40 shops, 30 restaurants and 20 market tables under one roof. On the top floor, there is a place where your kids will be able to play...


Bratislava castle Bratislavský hrad, Bratislava, Slovensko

20.03.2021 - 31.12.2022

The most famous feature of Bratislava is definitely Bratislava Castle. The "Upside-down table" rises above the Danube and can be seen from afar. When visiting Bratislava, be sure not to miss this beautiful monument...


Jump Arena Ivanská cesta 30, Bratislava, Slovensko

14.02.2020 - 31.12.2022

Come here and just jump. You will definitely get over everything that is stressing you right now. You have at least an hour to discover your abilities...


Mecheche Restaurant Bratislava Nedbalova 12, Bratislava, Slovensko

12.12.2018 - 31.12.2024

If you like tapas and good wine, this is the place to go for dinner in Bratislava. Exceptional cuisine, great wine at great prices and entertainment on two floors. You can find them on Nedbalova 12...

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