Outdoor Cinemas in Bratislava

Summer Cinemas in Bratislava

  • 17.07.2024
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Watching movies under the stars has become an essential part of summer. And since Bratislava (thank goodness) offers a great selection of summer cinemas, we bring you a very top selection of the best of them.

1. Cinema on Kuchajda
2. Summer cinema in Central Park
3. Amphitheatre at Štrkovecké lake
4. Summer cinema Pod palmou
5. Summer Cinema Istra Centrum
6. Summer cinema in the Fox Valley
7. Rača Summer Cinema
8. Summer cinema in Lúky
9. Summer cinema Modra
10. Summer soirée in GMB 2024

1. Summer cinema in Kuchajda

For the fourteenth time in the summer months you can enjoy a film performance under the stars every Wednesday and Saturday (in July from 21:30, in August from 21:00). And just like last year, you can choose the film to be shown by voting in advance on the cinema’s website. Movie screenings will be held at the Kuchajda Amphitheater, with the exception of screenings from July 24 to Aug. 10, when movie nights will move to nearby Lakeside Park.

2. Summer cinema in Central Park

Once again this year you can look forward to movie screenings on the terrace of the mall. Every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. you have the opportunity to see a movie outdoors.


27.6. Lúzri z Wall Street

4.7. Mothers

11.7. Ghostbusters: The Chilling Menace

18.7. Silent Secrets

25.7 The Tempest

1.8. Mother on the Run

8.8. Fast and Furious 10

15.8. The Count of Monte Cristo

22.8. Dune: Part Two

3. Amphitheatre at the Štrkovec

This summer, Ružinov residents can also look forward to movie screenings after dark. The organizers have prepared a number of great films for film fans this year as well.


02.7. 21:00, Barbie

04.7. 20:30, Gump: We Are Two

09.7., 21:00, The Tempest

16.7., 21:00, And we got what we wanted

23.7., 21:00, Amélie of Montmartre

30.7., 21:00, The Maid

06.8., 20:30, Dance Matilda

13.8., 20:30, The Inventor

20.8., 20:30, Point of Renewal

27.8., 20:30, Emilia

Letné kino v Ružinove 2024

4. Summer Cinema Under the Palm Tree

This year you can also enjoy quality films at the New Cvernovka. Summer Under the Palm is a series of events during the summer months where the audience will enjoy not only summer cinema, but also concerts, festivals, theatre, dance, discussions, workshops and much more. Just keep an eye on the New Cvernovka website to find out when and what they will be screening.

5. Summer Cinema Istra Centrum

Evening screenings of films in the open air, including refreshments, will not be missing this summer at the Istra Centrum summer cinema. Screenings will start after dark, in July between 21:00 and 21:30, in August around 20:30 to 21:00. Admission is free and beware, the courtyard area of the Local Library where the screening is taking place is sprayed for mosquitoes.

6. Summer cinema in the Fox Valley

Refreshments, blankets, repellents and great movies. Traditionally, you will find all this in the summer cinema in the Fox Valley. This year you can look forward to the following films:

28.6. Perinbaba and two worlds

12.7. How to survive your man

19.7. Barbie

26.7. Recovery point

2.8. Endless Love

9.8. I’m flying in it

16.8. A promising young woman

23.8. Diary of a Modern Dad

30.8. Smile, please!

7. Summer Cinema Rača

This summer Rača citizens can also enjoy movie Fridays in the open air in the natural amphitheatre in Knižkova dolina. There will be blankets, popcorn and good wine from Rača winemakers. Voluntary contribution, the proceeds will be used to support the screening of films in the Rača Summer Cinema.

The screening will be:

28.6., 21:30 Never Say Never

5.7., 21:15 And we got what we wanted

12.7., 21:15 Mother on the Run

19.7., 21:15 Dance Matilda

26.7., 21:15 We’re going teambuilding

2.8., 21:00 War of the Cops

9.8., 21:00 Lieta v tom

16.8., 21:00 He loves me, he loves me not

23.8., 21:00 The Tempest

30.8., 21:00 The Magic Little Vixen and the Black Cat on film

Letné kino Rača

8. Summer Cinema at the Lúky

Fans of quality film art can look forward to regular screenings at fortnightly intervals of free cinematic gems, this time on the theme of Man and the City.


28.06.2024, 21:00 Karaoke Blues

12.07.2024, 21:00 Svetloplachosť

26.07.2024, 21:00 Perfect Days

09.08.2024, 21:00 Artificial Sky

23.08.2024, 21:00 My Unknown Soldier

9. Summer cinema Modra

Summer cinema in Modra has become a popular holiday event that will not be missed this summer either. If you want to know what will be screened, visit their website.

10. Summer Soirée at the Bratislava City Gallery 2024

This summer there will be no shortage of film screenings in the courtyard of the Mirbachov Palace. For the second year, the gallery is presenting exclusive open air film screenings in cooperation with Film Europe. The films are screened in the original language with Czech subtitles.


25.6 Songs of the Earth

2.7. On the road with my mother

9.7. Bastard

6.8. Complete strangers

13.8. Summer light and then the night comes

Relax with your favorite movie under the stars!

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