Cestovateľský festival Cestou necestou

On the Road Festival

Cestovateľský festival Cestou necestou

On the Road Festival

  • 01.03.2024 - 03.03.2024
  • Events, What to do in Bratislava
  • 12 - 38

Travel festival On the Road inspires people to travel to all corners of the globe and explore the unknown.

We cordially invite you to 3 days full of inspiration with 50 travel presentations and discussions at DK Ružinov.

You will see presentations:

Crossing the Alps, Cuba, Iraq, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Peru, across Central America on horseback, travelling with a dog, 1000 km on a scooter in Iceland, 1200 km on foot in Canada, a honeymoon on foot on the Japanese island of Shikoku, the Indian Himalayas on the Royal Enfield, Colombia, Samoa, packrafting, Reunion, Camino, Thailand, the Silk Road and much more.

What’s in store for you at the festival?

The On the Road Travel Festival celebrates adventure and exploring a colourful world.

DK Ružinov in Bratislava is going to welcome travel enthusiasts to the event On the Road , which will take place from 1 to 3 March 2024. The largest travel festival will offer participants incredible experiences and stories of adventurous travellers and the opportunity to discover the magic of the world through their lenses and narratives.

As usual, the festival offers a wide range of five dozen interesting lectures and stories from different parts of the world. A packed programme with diverse and fascinating presentations awaits all fans of travel and adventure.

The main organizer Michal Knitl has prepared for you the best of the American Rockies, beautiful hikes in Peru and the challenging Great Divide Trail and surrounding mountains.

We will also stay in the mountains with Luboš Pribila – we will ride 2672 km along the Via Alpina from Trieste to Monaco.

Marek Olczak will present his ascent of Khan Tengri in Kyrgyzstan.

Many people associate travel with the search for something deeper and it influences their life. Martina Branišová searched for strength in Nepal’s Manaslu, but found it within herself.

Gabriela Radimáková in her lecture “How (NOT) to prepare for the Camino” shares her experiences from her trip to Santiago.

Zuzka Sroková will share her story of her journey around the world, which includes internet work, housesitting and experiences with digital nomadism.

A Slovakian woman with Indian roots and two snow dogs who doesn’t intend to waste a single hundredth of her life – that’s Zuzana Slabá.

On The Road festival you can once again get to know various wildest ways of travelling and means of transport. Do you know what packrafting is? Martin Fševed Žilka is clear about that: packrafting is freedom.

Janka and Roman Hromník love off-road cars. But now they’ve taken to Himalayan motorbikes and set off on them through the Indian Himalayas.

Dominika Martincová will present her experiences from a three-year expedition across Central America on horseback.

The popular Michal Tlelka will take us across the unknown Saudi Arabia on a bicycle and with Veronika Jiříčková we will ride 1000 kilometres across Iceland on a scooter.

With Peter Gregor we rediscover territories in Afghanistan that have been inaccessible for years.

Houses need to be rebuilt after the withdrawal of the front in Ukraine. As the men fight, volunteers from Slovakia are warmly welcomed. Matúš Budinský will tell you about life in a country invaded by a neighbouring aggressor.

Slávek Král brings us a travel stand-up, during which he will show us how to travel the world with a dog. In the second lecture, he will reveal what his Japanese honeymoon was like with his newlywed wife, who until then had little travel experience. The presenters prove to us that you can travel, even when offspring come into your life.

Jana and Milan Lahučkí share their experiences of travelling around Scandinavia with a small child.

Dana and Jozef Arvay will tell us about their adventurous off-road car journey with two children through several countries, including Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia.

Life among the locals was experienced by travelers Petra Kováč in Cuba and Radovan Hanko in Colombia, where he peered into the Amazon rainforest, participated in an ayahuasca ceremony with a shaman, and fished for arapaima, the largest freshwater fish.

Martin Půlpán invites us on the Silk Road, following the footsteps of ancient caravans from Turkey to China, where the scenery, the culture and the diverse people with their stories will change before your eyes. Photo tours and wildlife photography in Alaska can be taken by amateurs. Matej Puček will show you how.

African adventure is also represented at the festival by another traveller – Peter Dvorák. He will take us through the desert and coral beaches in Namibia and Mozambique.

Andrea Škvareninová will introduce us to the island of La Réunion and its cultural treasures. Among the most remote destinations will be Pacific Samoa, where Milada Konečná will take us. Across the lesser known Australia, namely the Kimberley region, Ján Turčin was heading.

The adventurous Lívia Firáková combined her passion for mountaineering and adventure on a month-long journey through Thailand.

Lovers of the nearby nature will also find something to their liking. Martina Marušincová takes us on a journey through South Moravia.

Tomáš Šmátrala, the chairman of the Prales for Children Association, will introduce us to Slovak wildlife and the project for its monitoring and protection, the Eye of the Bear. You can also get involved as a volunteer. With insurance it goes both ways.

Vladimír Cvik from Netfinancie.sk presents unusual examples from travel insurance practice and you will learn useful tips before your trip.

In addition, the audience can look forward to many interesting discussions with travelers and a rich accompanying program.

Traditionally, the festival has celebrated adventure, diversity and discovery. It offers viewers and travellers cordial encounters, interesting stories, captivating photographs, incredible experiences and, above all, a great deal of inspiration.

You can’t miss it!

If you have travelled somewhere interesting and would like to present in the future, let us know about yourself. We are also looking for volunteers.

We also feature individual presentations in the Facebook event.

We would be happy if you bring your cups, mugs or bowls to the event so that we create as little waste as possible :). Thank you

Location: Cultus Ružinov, Ružinovská street, Ružinov, Bratislava
Date: 01.03.2024 – 03.03.2024
Start: from 17:00 – 20:00
Price: 12 – 38 €
38 € for the whole three days
12 € Friday / 9 € after 19:20
20 € Saturday or Sunday / 14 € after 16:00 / 6 € for the last presentation of the day
30 € Saturday + Sunday
Children under 12 accompanied by a parent free of charge, children under 15 accompanied by a parent discount 50% on site, disabled discount 50% on site.

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