Lucie in Opera tour 2022


Unforgettable concert of the legendary Czech band LUCIE!

Autumn 2021 will be a definite highlight of the season for LUCIE fans. The band is going on an indoor tour in Ostrava, Brno, Pardubice, Prague with the only stop in Slovakia on 30.9. at the Winter Stadium in Bratislava. A new programme, exclusive musical arrangements and after years again accompanied by a symphony orchestra! A choir and an organically spectacular dynamic stage – this is also the concert show LUCIE IN OPEŘE.

David Koller, Robert Kodym, P.B.Ch. “The past period was very difficult for everyone. But for us, among other things, 2020 has shown that you simply can’t do without culture. It is as if we are missing a piece of our soul, the possibility of self-expression, freedom, and not only artistic freedom, which we should unconditionally protect. We are all the more excited to return to the stage again in 2022 and to experience with our fans once again the tremendous energy that comes from a live performance. It’s an experience that can’t be replaced…”

The members of Lucie agree that one of the biggest and most challenging innovations has been the preparation of the organically dynamic stage itself, which uses the latest sound and visual effects technology, as well as tried and tested theatrical principles: “We’ve been working on the stage we want to present to the fans for almost a year. It’s been hard but beautiful work and we believe it will be worth it. It’s a special project for us, so we want our fans to have a special experience, too,” the members of the group emphasise.

Musically, this tour will also be literally groundbreaking – Lucie has teamed up with conductor Kryštof Marek, winner of the Czech Lion for his music for the film Masaryk, who has created new symphonic arrangements for the entire programme of this show. Combining the full cast of the band, the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra and the choir, fans are in for a nearly two-hour cross-section of Lucie’s entire oeuvre as they’ve never experienced it before.

Already on 30.9.2021 at 20:00h. also at the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium in Bratislava!


Venue: Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium, Odbojárov, Nové Mesto, Slovakia
Date: Thursday, 20.10.2022
Start: 20:00 – 23:00
Admission: 69 – 79 €

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Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu, Odbojárov, Nové Mesto, Slovakia


69 - 79 EUR

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