Janosik after 300 years


RND and SĽUK took the legend into their hands. The Report on the Hero or The Hero’s Play interpreted by the Radošino Naive Theatre and the Slovak Folk Art Collective.

The legendary play on the Slovak legendary theme Jááánošííík after three hundred years by Stanislav Štepka and the Radošino Naive Theatre, which has been in the repertoire since its premiere in 1970 and is about to experience an exceptional thousandth reprise, will come to life on stage in December 2015 in a new and unprecedented scenic form. In addition to well-known and discounted literary texts, topical glosses and well-known RND performers, RND’s latest production comes in a refreshing form and in a new dramaturgy to an iconic production that has since become a graduation question, the great dancers, musicians and singers of SĽUK to create, together with the creators and director Juraj Nvoto, an exceptional humorous-theatrical and also dance-singing creative cabaret and music-dance evening on the common and well-known Janosik theme. Poetics RND receives a new creative impulse from SĽUK and together with the actors, singers, musicians and dancers of the admiring artistic bodies they want to offer the audience a new, impressive and original theatrical evening full of humour, singing and dancing through the classic RND title.

Venue: the Pezin Cultural Centre, Holubyho, Pezinok, Slovakia
Date: Friday, 10 June 2022
Start: 19:00
Admission: 24 €



Pezinské kultúrne centrum, Holubyho, Pezinok, Slovensko


24 EUR

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