RETRO vinyl party


Whether you’re flying a rocket with Majka from Gurun, riding a horse with Pipi or solving mysteries with the Three Searchers, you’ll find all the adventures of a lifetime at this party! Come down from the cold clouds to our dance floor and discover the colours of rock ‘n’ roll, disco and the unmistakable Czechoslovak soc-pop of the 70s and 80s! We’ll be thrown back to the days of chalk graffiti, ration packs and campfire trysts by the DJ duo Arnoštek and Babika. The atmosphere will be complemented by period decorations, iconic snacks and legendary games! 🍭📻🥁

Retro style awaits you:
– Decorations. Colourful C’s, hanging garlands made of vinyl records and retro flags, a Rubik’s Cube wall and a lantern parade on the terrace will complete the atmosphere.
– Game room. Play now-legendary video games from the classic Sega Mega Drive, Playstation and Super Nintendo consoles. Games on offer will include Super Mario bros, Duck Hunt, Bomberman, Tekken 3, Donkey Kong and Crash Warped.
– Refreshments. Traditional treats such as Deva Chocolates, Sour Lollipops, Soy Cuts, Doxy Candies, Pedro Chews, Peanut Crunchies, Picnic and Pikao will be recalled.
– Social Games. Chess, Grapho, Mercury – Shuttle Building Kit, Man Don’t Be Angry, Table Football and Hockey.
– Badge making. Make a badge according to your own imagination or with retro inspirations.
– DJ Arnostek will prepare a vinyl selection of the greatest hits from the swinging 40’s to the early 90’s. We’ll hear the time-tested hits that are hard to forget. “I enjoy watching people enjoy the music of their parents and the songs they heard a long time ago and have the opportunity to be reminded of them again,” says DJ Arnostek.

– DJ Babika will bring selections with a feminine flair to the dance floor. She will mainly play music from the 70s and 80s. You can look forward to great hits and a super party.
– Original projection by VJ Bliks.
– Typewriter as guestbook.

Venue: KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova Street, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: Friday, 27.05.2022
Start: 21:00
Admission: 7 €



KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovensko


7€ EUR

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