SWAP in Bratislava


Green is the new black! 💚 Give a second life to your worn out pieces and freshen up your wardrobe with the ones you find at the community clothing and accessories swap! SWAP is for those who have decided to take sustainable living into their own hands and also for those who love the thrill of finding unexpected fashion treasures. What’s more, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere where swapping is a joy! 🌍♻️👗🧣👖🛍️

~What is SWAP?
It’s a concept that involves a mutual exchange of clothing, with which comes an exchange of experiences, opinions and joy. SWAP is a way to save both nature and your own wallet. It’s a way to refresh your wardrobe in an eco-friendly and economical way, without remorse.

~ How does SWAP work?
The principle is simple. You give away your fashion pieces that can still please others and in exchange you can take back ones that please you. In this way, together we contribute to recycling in a very friendly and fun way. Moreover, through SWAP you can get your hands on interesting pieces and refresh your wardrobe with original models from interesting people.

~ How does SWAP work?
You can bring multiple pieces of clothing or accessories, up to a maximum of 10 pieces in total. Clothes must be in good condition, washed, clean, fragrant, undamaged and dry. After you pay your entry fee, you will receive 10 tokens to use towards SWAP items. One token means one item of clothing or accessory. So you cannot have more than 10 pieces when you leave.

~ What does SWAP include?
✅ Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing
✅ shoes in pairs
✅ bags and backpacks
✅ accessories such as sunglasses, belts, hats, gloves, scarves, scarves and caps

~ What DOES NOT belong at SWAP ?
Anything that is unsanitary:
❌ underwear, swimwear, socks, tights, nylons
❌ jewellery
❌ bathrobes, towels, sheets
❌ cosmetics (neither new nor opened)
❌ clothes with broken zippers, no buttons or stains
❌ torn and frayed trousers
❌ worn and musty clothes
~ What happens to the clothes that are left over?

Wearable and nice pieces will either go to the next SWAP or be donated to Ekocharita to help those in need. This way you can be sure that every piece of clothing you bring to us will have a meaningful future. If we do receive items that are no longer usable due to their condition, they will be recycled and made into another product.
🗓️ 18. 06 (Saturday)
🕙 Time: 10:00 – 17:00
10€ Entrance.
🎫 7€ for seniors, disabled and students with ISIC
🎫 Free for children under 12 accompanied by an adult
🎫 free for citizens of Ukraine – just show your ID or passport at the entrance

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KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovensko


10€ EUR

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