90er & 2000er SINGLE Party


We have butterflies in the stomach! Because: we expect a Saturday evening of the extra class, namely the already sixth edition of the ever-popular “90ies & 2000s SINGLE Party <3"! <3 You get at the entrance luminous bracelets in red ("hands off"), yellow ("let's see") or green ("single!") <3 Musically there's the best of the 90s and 2000s on two floors with 5 DJs and a LIVE band! By the way: to make getting to know each other really "oldschool", we have hidden the guest list in the Facebook event, so there's no writing or adding via FB beforehand. 90ies.floor DOWN from 21:50h with DJs Mel Merio, Frieda P. & David Jerina LIVE.floor from midnight: Furby Lewinsky (90s Eurodance LIVE) 2000s.floor ABOVE from approx. 00h with DJs J'aime Julien & Burak Afsar 🎁 Free Glowsticks! 1st Sat. / month: 2000s Club with POP.floor & ROCK.floor 2nd Sat. / month: 90ies Club with POP.floor & ROCK.floor 3rd Sat. / month: 2000s Club with POP.floor & BEATS.floor 4th Sat. / month: 90ies Club with POP.floor & BEATS.floor 5th Sat. / month: SINGLE PARTY with 90ies.floor & 2000s.floor Sponsored by the Vienna Business Agency. A fund of the City of Vienna. 🔊 Sound + Acoustics by Wolfgang Sauter | Pro Performance, the anchor of sound. Find all the events, most popular places and things to do in Vienna that you shouldn’t miss at More info


The Loft, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Wien, Österreich


1 - 10 EUR

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