A day in the vineyards 2022


Taste the unique wines in the vineyards of Small Carpathian winemakers. For the fourteenth time, the vineyards of the Small Carpathians will open with magnificent views and you can enjoy them with a glass of wine in your hand. The winemakers will be offering grapes and wine made from them at the same time. On this day you can go for a great wine experience on foot, by car or on bicycles.

Winemakers will offer their wines in vineyards from Rača through Svätý Jur, Limbach, Pezinok, Šenkvice and Modra. The ticket includes a map to make your journey easier. The winemakers have voted for the most beautiful places of the vineyard districts and there they will offer the wines together, just choose which one you will visit: Hon Šinveg and Genofond Frankovka modra in Rača, Hofweigarten behind the city walls in Svätý Jur, Hasensprung in Limbach, Kamenica na Stara Hora in Pezinok, under the Calvary in Modra, the alley of the Šenkvice winemakers in the Kozare vineyard….

On this day, music will play in the vineyards, winemakers, in addition to wine, frizzante, grape must and burčiak, will also offer their home-made specialties. The ticket will also include a bonus for the purchase of wine and grapes.

On this day, music will be played in the vineyards, winemakers will offer their homemade specialties in addition to wine, frizzante, grape cider and bourbons. The ticket will also include a bonus on the purchase of wine and grapes.

Don’t miss out on a unique experience: come and enjoy the excellent wines of the Lesser Carpathian region while strolling through the beautiful hills of the vineyards as summer comes to an end.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at mvc.sk, but you can only pick them up on the day of the event at the Calvary in Modra.

Place: the Malocarpathian Wine Route, Horná, Modra, Slovakia
Date: Saturday, September 3, 2022
Start: 13:00 – 19:00
Ticket price: 15€, 5€ bonus on wine purchase included in the ticket price

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15 EUR

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