Summer garden market

10.07.2021 - 21.08.2021

There aren’t many things that bring more joy than growing something in your own garden. And what does this actually mean? The fact that it is the right time to get a green companion and a better place than the Summer Garden Market we can not imagine.

So dear salesmen, sellers, visitors! We would like to inform you that the Kulla Garden Center on Trnavská cesta 110 / B will host the Summer Garden Exchange of Plants and Garden Accessories every other Saturday during the months of July and August 2021.

A unique space and the opportunity to sell, exchange, donate your surplus plants, houseplants and garden accessories from the home every Saturday throughout the summer holidays. The event will take place in combination with workshops, lectures, a program, competitions for children and other accompanying programs. There will be sales stalls and small snacks.

Do you have plants or other garden accessories at home?

Follow these steps:
If you are interested in selling, fill in the HOBBY registration form or on the website and send it to us at, or directly at the cash desk of the garden center store. If you have a company and want to sell and present your products, fill out the form HERE or on the website, send it to us at If you are engaged in something special in the field of plants and horticulture – we will be happy if you contact us and come to show us in the form of a workshop or lecture.
Follow the event on Facebook and be informed about all the news 🙂

The seller and the hobby seller determine the price of the goods themselves. For hobby sellers, Kulla will provide space for goods for sale. The seller (company) must arrange his stand himself. Sellers and hobby sellers are obliged to bring healthy plants and fully functional products. Kulla reserves the right to determine which Saturday the seller and hobby seller will sell based on occupancy.

Access to the Summer Garden Market will be provided through a shop with free parking in front of the KULLA Garden Center. Entry and participation in the event will be allowed only with the upper airways covered by a respirator or mask. A dispenser for alcoholic hand disinfection will be provided at the entrance to the premises and also in the premises of the refreshment zone. The event will take place in accordance with the valid measures ordered by ÚVZ SR and RÚVZ SR

Enjoy summer Saturdays with us at the Summer garden market!

Place: Trnavská cesta 110, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dates: July 10 and 24, August 7 and 21, 2021
It will take place from 8:00 to 15:00
Admission: free
In case of bad weather, the change of the program and the event will be reserved
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Trnavská cesta 110, Bratislava, Slovensko



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