Rafting on the Little Danube near Bratislava

01.04.2023 - 01.09.2023

The rafting of the Little Danube belongs to the unique experiences of spending your free time. In recent years, this river has overtaken the popular Hron and has become the most popular boating destination in Slovakia. At the same time, accessibility plays a role. The Little Danube forms the largest river island in Europe. The surroundings of the Little Danube are mostly meadows and fields, which are, however, separated from the stream itself by a few tens of meters wide strip of floodplain forest.

The most beautiful and interesting sections are from the village of Zálesie to the confluence with the Klátovský arm near Topoľníky. However, you can sail from Bratislava from the Vrakúnská promenade. We organize the Danube rafting from noon to 2 days. During the river rafting, it is possible to stop or camp directly at the unique wooden watermills in Jelka and Tomášikov. We write about the attractions on the Little Danube here.

The rafting of the Little Danube is also suitable for beginners, friends, families with children, but also for corporate events and teambuilding.

Our boat and boating equipment rental on the Little Danube is available every day from April to September. We recommend booking boats, canoes or rafts several days in advance (several weeks in high season). We have 2 to 3 seater canoes or raft boats for 6 persons (we only offer raft boats for short 2-3 hour rafting trips). Depending on the interest we combine our canoes into a stable catamaran. Each boat includes paddles, life jackets and a plastic barrel for dry things.

You can raft the Little Danube already from Bratislava Vrakuna. After 2 hours you will sail along the newly built corniche in Zálesí, where it is possible to finish the rafting or continue to Nová Dedinka or Tomášov. Later the rafting continues past the villages of Vlky, Hurbanova Ves and Jelka. A popular place to end the rafting is the camping ground by the water mill in Jelka. If you are rafting for several days, you can end your adventure in Jahodna.

Before the rafting we will give you a basic paddling briefing, hints and tips about the route you are going to raft, campsites, buffets, places where you can take a break, or sections of the river where you need to be a bit “careful”.

The Little Danube forms the largest river island in Europe. The surroundings of the Little Danube are mostly meadows and fields, but separated from the river itself by a floodplain forest several tens of metres wide. The water level is regulated, stable and therefore the Little Danube is navigable and safe throughout the year.

PRICE: from 15 EUR / canoe + equipment
Price of boat transport according to mileage.
Contact: info@splavdunaja.sk

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Bratislava, Slovensko


15 EUR

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