Quiz Just about Everything


Do you like quizzes? But you think that you are not an expert. Like, yeah, I like movies, but I am not an expert, I have not seen every classic movie made in the last 50 years. Or, yeah, I like How I Met Your Mother, but I do not know every detail about the series. And do not let us start about Lord of the Rings…. but this particular quiz is well balanced – you need to know a bit about everything, you know, those small little things you are not even aware of having in your memory. So let´s have some fun and share a good laugh, safely tucked in at home wearing your fluffiest pants. We definitely see some appeal in the offer 🙂

Place: online
Date: February 28, 2021
Time: 19:00
Admission: 3.00/8.00€
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Bratislava, Slovakia


3.00 EUR

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