Bratislava Design Week

07.12.2022 - 14.12.2022

During the most intensive design week in Slovakia, a number of designers, students and design studios will present their work – and this year’s theme is fragility.

Fragility is reflected mainly through impermanence, transformation, but also our ‘breaking down’ in the everyday and our rebuilding. We perceive fragility through feeling and understanding. Mindfulness. Its gentleness and delicacy is precious. We perceive it in many layers. It does not push itself anywhere. And only we can decide what we will be and what the world will be like around us. And there is not much time!


📍 Nikola Čemanová / re-Carnis, bricks from construction waste, epoxy resin, ceramic glaze, 2020-2022

🔎 A family of relic brick objects is the reincarnation of a building material that has experienced its birth and survived its death. Bricks have been removed from the rough context of the building industry and carefully recaptured by the delicacy of traditional ceramic craftsmanship. In the act of reintroducing construction waste into usable form and function, celebrating the memory of the material from which it came, a fossilized trace of the past lives of clay matter is created.

📍 Meliš / Michalko – Shelfium

🔎 The Shelfium brand is the result of a creative collaboration between architects Stanislav Meliš and Jozef Michalko. Their architectural studio is devoted to projects of various nature with an overlap to the design and creation of furniture. They have created furniture under the Shelfium brand. Shelfium is a building element that offers a wide range of possibilities to make functional shelf assemblies, but also other furniture such as screens or tables to suit yourself. It is so modular that you can make almost anything you can imagine out of it. Shelfium makes efficient use of the potential of the materials it works with.

📍 Katarína Raškovičová / Tato / Kerá

🔎 The first author’s collection Daddy within the new brand Kerá, Katarína Raškovičová. The collection consists of porcelain cups in six different shapes. In the beginning, the idea was to create practical and comfortable coffee cups. The cups consist of two parts: the cup itself – cast porcelain and the ring – porcelain pressed into a mould. The shape of the cup is adapted to the coffee preparation. Its smooth walls and rounded bottom allow the coffee to achieve the best taste and aroma. The cup also has thick walls to keep the coffee warm for as long as possible. Traditional cups have ears, but you won’t find them here. Instead, rings are used which are fixed to the cup.

📍 Bianka Kukurdíková / Vlnenie

🔎 The author’s rug from the “Ripple” collection is a paraphrase of human fragility. A human being who may be outwardly firm and bounded, but inwardly is, on the contrary, unstable. His “inner self”, constantly changing its shape, is hidden from others until it comes to the surface. Sometimes it remains hidden forever. We are shaped by the actions, information, and behaviour of others. We are subject to a constant churning.. in the head, in the soul, in the heart.. in us. We are a part of time and space, and though we seem solid and steady, often our wholeness is disrupted by a random ripple. Sea, emotional, light, shock, information… all have the ability to penetrate and shape objects. It depends on the force of the action whether the traces of them leave only a faint sensation, or whether we suddenly become aware of our fragility and impermanence. If their power shatters our insides and disrupts our edges, we will never be the same again.

📍 Furnicoolture / design studio / Mária Bujňáková, Michaela Bujňáková, Patrik Bujňák

🔎 The LOVESTORY collection (2021) reflects traditional ceramics with a love theme.On the bottom of the outside of the vases there is a graphic message with the idea of self-love and love for your fellow man. The vases are wrapped in a tapestry with short narrative texts in a provocative style that combines wit and lessons.
The 🔎 TAKKA figurine (2021) is a miniature without pretense. It is inspired by the idea of “the way I am”, i.e. naturalness. The figurine depicts Slovak DNA, because the national emblem is encoded in it.
🔎 CRAFT table /Craft/ (2022) by Patrik responds to the value of artisanal handwork in the current growing influence of progressive production mechanization.
🔎 PLANT ING (2022) autonomous self-watering racks, designed to grow and water plants as often and as intensively as the user wishes.

📍 Eva Polgary / RED LINE vases

🔎 symbolize the birth of the new. The union of two essences, water as a symbol of the birth of life and fire as a symbol of the extinction of life. The artist has materialized the idea into a vase because it captures impermanence. It preserves the memory of living nature and at the same time is a memento, pointing out that we are not here forever, because even the most beautiful flowers fade after time. The vases are differentiated from each other by the differently long dripping drop. The drip is an imaginary timeline of life, depicting the dynamics and passage of time.

➖ Šimon Galanský is the winner of the BADW awards for 2021 and is also the face of BADW22. He was awarded the prize for his furniture collection DENNODENNE, which brings emotions into functional objects. He believes that we create our identity through the things we surround ourselves with. We identify ourselves through products. We shape ourselves. We become who we want to be. Every day. Day by day. Every day.

In the spaces:
➖ Bratislava City Gallery / @galeria_mesta_bratislavy
➖ Zoya Gallery /
➖ Zichy Palace / Zichy Old Town Gallery / @staromestska_galeria_zichy
➖ K Theatre / @divadlok_projektkekse➖

📸 Photo / Ľuboš Kotlár / @kotlarlubos
🖼 Visual / Zuzana Didová, Ivan Galdík

Date: from 7 – 14 December 2022
Time: from 10:00 a.m.
Admission: free

Join us for more great things to do and tips on the best BRATISLAVA EVENTS.


Bratislava, Slovakia



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