Rome Italy


Stand Up Club Via Anassimandro, Rím, Taliansko


Thursday, October 14th you can look forward to a stand-up show at the Ellington Comedy Club. An evening full of fun awaits you with a good drink or meal...


Pineta di Castel Fusano in Rome Pineta di Castel Fusano, Viale Mediterraneo, Ostia, Rím, Taliansko


PINETA DI CASTEL FUSANO is one of the symbolic places of Rome. Come together to enjoy this beautiful excursion and discover this wonderful place...


FOOD FOR ALL Piazza San Giovanni Bosco, Rím, Taliansko

08.10.2021 - 10.10.2021

Your favorite street food FOOD FOR ALL is coming to Rome in October. Three days dedicated to excellent food and drink...


EASY Ride Rome Piazzale Flaminio, Rím, Taliansko


Piazzale Flaminio in a way you've never experienced before! Come on Monday, October 4 to EASY Ride. This skating is primarily intended for beginners, but all lovers of inline skating are invited. A 6-8km long route through the square awaits you...


Bioenergetic exercises ONLINE Rome, Rím, Taliansko

19.09.2021 - 26.12.2021

Do you prefer exercise in the comfort of your home? We have one tip for you. You can try bioenergetic exercises right from your home...


Rome ONLINE Tour Rome, Rím, Taliansko

08.10.2021 - 31.10.2021

We invite you for a walk through Rome, where you will visit well-known and less-known places and monuments. You don't have to stand in long lines to push among people. In fact, all you need is a computer, internet and a comfortable place to sit...


Sunday lunch Via Ludovisi, Rím, Taliansko

19.09.2021 - 19.12.2021

We have one good tip for you on how you can spend Sunday! Come to Hotel Eden Rome, where you will have a great lunch and relax. You are invited to the banquet that our chef Fabio Ciervo prepares for you every weekend menu, which changes every week...


Craft Beer Festival Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492, Rím, Taliansko

07.10.2021 - 10.10.2021

Lovers of quality beer, beware! A great party dedicated to craft beers awaits you! From October 7 to 10 at Eataly outdoors you can discover and taste the best Italian and international beers...


Tandem - Language exchange Piazza dell'Emporio, Rím, Taliansko

13.09.2021 - 20.12.2021

Tandem - Language exchange is back after a long time! If you like learning new languages, this is the event for you...


Concerts in the Park Via del Mortaro, Rím, Taliansko

06.10.2021 - 23.12.2021

The 2021/2022 season brings with it a novelty - cooperation with Concerti nel Parco...


Tuesdays Language Via Portuense, Rím, Taliansko

03.08.2021 - 19.10.2021

Do you like to communicate and have no problem talking about different topics? This event is for those, who are looking to make new friends, see old ones and exchange languages and culture. It’s a perfect start for those new to Rome...


The Beatles in Rome in concert Via Ostiense, Rím, Taliansko


October 9, for someone a day like others, for true Beatles fans, a holiday. On October 9, 1940, John Lennon, a legend of world music, was born in Liverpool. Come to celebrate together the immortal music and art of John Lennon...


The Appia Antica Festival Via Appia Antica, Rím, Taliansko


Ottobrata on the Appia Antica! Come and celebrate the AppiaDay with us! After a short walk, our walk along the ancient road will continue like a vision, sitting on the lawn in the shadow of the Lazio volcano among the pines and the archaeological...


Frankenbierfest 2021 La Limonaia, Villa Torlonia, Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, Rím, Taliansko

01.10.2021 - 03.10.2021

The Frankenbierfest is finally back! From Friday, October 1, to Sunday, October 3, you can come and visit Limonaia Villa Torlonia, where you will be able to taste the best beers! The producers are the small family and rural breweries of Franconia, a...


Argentine Meat Festival Città dell'Altra Economia, Largo Dino Frisullo, Rím, Taliansko

21.10.2021 - 24.10.2021

Meat lovers, pay attention! A festival dedicated to Argentine meat is coming to Rome. This four-day celebration will run from October 21 to 24...


Campagna Amica Market Via Tiburtina, Rím, Taliansko

17.09.2021 - 31.12.2021

The flavors and aromas of the countryside arrive in the city with the Campagna Amica Markets, an initiative by Coldiretti that gives the opportunity to buy seasonal products, selected and zero km directly from farmers...


Pigneto Vinyl Festival in Rome Via Anassimandro, Rím, Taliansko


The first Sunday of the month, October 3, the Ellington Club will feature records, discs, music books and everything related to music...


Life of Wine Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma, Via della Nocetta, Rím, Taliansko


On Sunday, October 10, Hotel Villa Pamphili Rome will host a unique event of its kind. Life of Wine is an event dedicated to old vintages. Great wineries from all over Italy, 150 labels, 100 old vintages...


Yoga for children Via Gabrino Fondulo, Rím, Taliansko

16.09.2021 - 25.11.2021

The Italian association Yoga per Bambini organizes yoga lessons for children from September to November...


Mindfulness Yoga Villa Torlonia, Rím, Taliansko

09.09.2021 - 28.10.2021

Do you want to do something for yourself and your body? Come and practice yoga. Mindfulness yoga is a conscious way of practicing traditional yoga in the green of nature...


Spicy October Garden Tre Fontane, Via Laurentina, Rím, Taliansko

02.10.2021 - 03.10.2021

The Chilli Pepper Festival is coming to the capital for the third time. Two hot days dedicated to spices are waiting for you...


Fellini Nights LeSorelle - Area Contesa Arte, Via Margutta, Rím, Taliansko

15.10.2021 - 20.10.2021

An event that pays tribute to the Italian giant, Federico Fellini, who was a film director, screenwriter and won four Oscars...


Dadaumpa – Kids Dance Party Via Anassimandro, Rím, Taliansko


Do your kids love dancing? So you don’t miss this event! Come to Ellington Club with your little ones on Sunday, October 17. Dadaumpa is a dance appointment for the little ones...


Professional Cooking Course Via dei Monti della Farnesina, Rím, Taliansko

14.09.2021 - 21.12.2021

Do you like cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Would you like to learn new cooking techniques? This course is made for you...


Mini Course Pizza Via dei Monti della Farnesina, Rím, Taliansko

24.09.2021 - 15.10.2021

Are you a lover of the most popular Italian food, pizza? And would you like to improve in its preparation? If you answered yes to both questions, this is the right event for you! The course consists of 4 meetings / classes, which take place between...


Exhibition All about Banksy Chiostro del Bramante, Arco della Pace, Rím, Taliansko

05.05.2021 - 09.01.2022

All About Banksy: Exhibition 2. A new exhibition by the English street artist arrives at the Chiostro del Bramante. Exhibition will be take until January 9, 2022. Open every day from 10am to 9pm...


Flea Market in Rome Via di Porta Portese, Rím, Taliansko

05.09.2021 - 26.12.2021

Flea market, a blast from the past. Every Sunday, the most famous and largest market in Rome with objects of all kinds, from antiques to everyday objects passing through clothing and household items...


Rome Antiques Market Via del Casale di San Basilio, Rím, Taliansko

04.09.2021 - 28.11.2021

Antiques Fair is a place where enthusiasts and onlookers meet every Saturday and Sunday...


Roma Fotografia 2021 Palazzo Merulana, Via Merulana, Rím, Taliansko

21.05.2021 - 21.12.2021

Call, exhibitions, talks and much more: Roma Fotografia is a unique event of its kind, an inclusive, sustainable and creative festival that uses the language of photography to talk about art, science, society and culture, about the great changes of...


Evenings at Snodo Mandrione Via del Mandrione, Rím, Taliansko

01.09.2021 - 10.10.2021

Snodo Mandrione has been renovated and invites you to visit! Come and celebrate the finals of this summer in a magical and multifunctional space, where art, music, cuisine, cinema, concerts and relaxation mix in a cocktail of unique emotions that...


Monte Compatri Earth Market Comune di Monte Compatri, Piazza del Mercato, Monte Compatri, Rím, Taliansko

05.09.2021 - 19.12.2021

The Monte Compatri Earth Market was born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Monte Compatri and Slow Food Frascati and Terre Tuscolane...


Truffle Festival Ostiense, Roma, Rím, Taliansko

27.09.2021 - 03.10.2021

A special festival dedicated to one of the most famous foods is coming to Rome: truffles! Let yourself be enveloped by the intoxicating scent of truffles, including appetizers, first courses and creams...


Frascati Earth Market Comune di Frascati, Rím, Taliansko

21.08.2021 - 13.11.2021

The Frascati Earth Market (in Piazza della Porticella) arised from the collaboration between the Municipality of Frascati and Slow Food Frascati and Terre Tuscolane...


Italian Sunday Via del Mandrione, Rím, Taliansko

08.08.2021 - 10.10.2021

Magical Sunday evenings. Snodo Mandrione offers a great program for Sunday evenings. Come, have fun and listen to the greatest Italian hits...


Market of biological products Via Galeazzo Alessi, Rím, Taliansko

07.08.2021 - 04.12.2021

Every first Saturday of the month from 10.00 am to sunset you can visit the Certosa Park where the small organic producers with their stalls will present their products...


Donate Music Concerti del Tempietto, Piazza di Campitelli, Rím, Taliansko

06.07.2021 - 30.09.2021

An event that will make your summer evening even more enjoyable, Donate Music. Several music concerts will be held every evening at Piazza di Campitelli, Rome...


Multimedia show at the Forum of Augustus Fori Imperiali, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rím, Taliansko

17.06.2021 - 07.11.2021

After the successes of the past years, the project Travels in Ancient Rome returns from June 17 to November 7, 2021, with a multimedia show that tells and revives the history of the Forum of Augustus...


The Cereals Festival Roma, Rím, Taliansko

09.06.2021 - 30.11.2021

The Cereals Festival is an event dedicated to all cereals. It has its roots in the rituals of ancient Rome, gradually spread to the Mediterranean countries, which were part of the Roman Empire...


Market of the Earth Marino Piazza San Barnaba, Marino, Rím, Taliansko

15.08.2021 - 19.12.2021

Among the many colors and scents of aromatic herbs and natural soaps, the main actors at the Market of the Earth Marino are organic vegetables, ancient legumes, oil, honey, raw milk cheeses, saffron, traditional bread, flour from ancient cereals,...


Grove Paliano Rome, Rím, Taliansko

01.05.2021 - 31.12.2022

Grove Paliano for picnics, bike excursions and relaxation: new season with lots of news...


90 Special at Gasometro Vintage Gasometro Vintage, Via del Commercio, Rím, Taliansko

03.06.2021 - 30.09.2021

Every Thursday of Summer 2021 the energy of 90SPECIAL awaits you at the Gasometro Vintage to make you dive into the memories that have marked an era! What you will find in 90special is a journey to tell in the years of the walkman rewound with Bic...


Forever Young at Gasometro Vintage Gasometro Vintage, Via del Commercio, Rím, Taliansko

12.06.2021 - 02.10.2021

Forever Young Rome is a constantly evolving party, an unconventional party that spans different musical genres. Since 2013, FYR has been the reference point in Rome for club lovers...


Market of the Earth Ciampino Via Asti, 00043 Ciampino, RM, Taliansko

15.08.2021 - 19.12.2021

Market of the Earth Ciampino (at the Aldo Moro park), the tenth in Italy, the first in Lazio and the southernmost of those already established in our country, was inaugurated on Sunday 17 October 2010...


The most disgusting hamburger in Rome Via Candia, 6, Rím, Taliansko

19.04.2021 - 31.12.2021

Prepare your appetite, stomach and taste buds because right now a hamburger is coming to Rome, the most... the best you've ever tasted! Finally here we are...


Antiques Market Exhibition in Piazza dei Quiriti Piazza dei Quiriti, Rím, Comune di Roma Rím, Taliansko

28.03.2021 - 26.12.2021

The exhibition, which takes place in Piazza dei Quiriti, in the heart of the Prati district, every fourth Sunday of the month, except July and August, will be full of furniture, cabinets, silverware, ceramics, objects and vintage books, as well as a...


Reopened markets in Rome Rome, Rím, Taliansko

10.02.2021 - 31.12.2021

The yellow zone also brings with it the reopening of many markets! We bring you a list of the best markets in Rome! Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the Roman markets, which has been denied to us for so long...


Pyramids and Egyptian Museum virtual tour Rome, Rím, Taliansko

29.01.2021 - 24.12.2021

Another great virtual tour is coming! We will now visit the fascinating pyramids. If you are interested in this kind of culture, do not hesitate and join this virtual tour, which will introduce you in detail to their history and origin...


Vatican Museums in the evening Musei Vaticani, Vatican City, Vatikán

18.07.2020 - 31.12.2022

Vatican Museums in the evening. We invite you to a breathtaking tour of the Vatican Museums. It is special because it takes place under the cover of night. This complex of museums, which are located near the Basilica of St...


Gigi D'Alessio in Rome Auditorium Parco della Musica, Via Pietro de Coubertin, Rím, Taliansko


Gigi D'Alessio concert in Rome. Gigi D'Alessio is an Italian singer and songwriter from Naples. In the 1990s, at the beginning of his career, when he became famous in Naples, Camorra members invited him to sing at their parties...


Il Volo Tour Palazzo dello Sport - Roma, Piazzale Pier Luigi Nervi, Rím, Taliansko


The best of 10 years - Il Volo Tour. Are you a lover of opera pop? If your answer is yes, you're in the right place! The Italian band Il Volo consists of baritone Gianluca Ginoble and tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto...


Borghese Gallery Galleria Borghese, Piazzale Scipione Borghese, Rím, Taliansko

01.08.2020 - 31.12.2022

Discover another museum in Rome, Borghese Gallery...


National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Viale delle Belle Arti, Rím, Taliansko

21.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Discover the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art...


Parks in Rome Rome, Rím, Taliansko

19.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Rome parks, places where you can sit for a while and relax in an otherwise busy city. We have prepared a list of the most beautiful parks in Rome for you...


Roman Forum Virtual Tour Foro Romano, Via della Salara Vecchia, Rím, Taliansko

13.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Roman Forum virtual tour, a trip to one of the most famous forums in the world. The Roman Forum, also known as Forum Magnum, or simply Forum, functioned as the political center of the Roman Empire where the greatest personalities of the time met...


St. Peter's Basilica Virtual Tour St. Peter's Basilica, Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City, Vatikán

08.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

A virtual tour to St. Peter's Basilica which is a symbol of the Vatican. It is a sacred Renaissance-Baroque building in the Vatican, one of the largest, most famous and most visited sanctuaries in the world...


The Trevi Fountain Piazza di Trevi, Rím, Taliansko

08.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

The Trevi Fountain is undoubtedly the most famous fountain that is located in the center of Rome. Every year a large number of tourists approach it and throw coins at it...


Pantheon Virtual Tour Pantheon, Piazza della Rotonda, Rím, Taliansko

08.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Pantheon Virtual Tour on the Piazza della Rotonda. One of the most fantastic, surprising, and enchanting monuments in Rome. Pantheon, still perfectly preserved from ancient times...


Colosseum Virtual Tour Piazza del Colosseo, Rím, Taliansko

08.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Colosseum Virtual Tour, a tour to the most famous monument located in Rome. The monument, which is located in the heart of Rome, began to be built in the first century AD...


Vatican City Virtual Tour Vatican City, Viale Vaticano, Rím, Taliansko

11.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Vatican City Virtual Tour, a tour to the smallest country in the world. A state located in the heart of Italy, in Rome. Although the Vatican is smaller than any other large city, it offers more than one might expect...


Pantheon and Piazza Navona Via Pepe, 37, Palestrina, Rím, Taliansko

23.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

The mysterious side of the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Symbols, secrets, mysteries. For many people, these words arouse great interest...


La Pietà by Michelangelo Rome, Rím, Taliansko

06.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

La Pietà by Michelangelo, free online event by laboratorio104 The Renaissance master, Michelangelo Buonarroti created several works that influenced the world of Baroque and Mannerism...


Rome virtual tour Roma, Rím, Taliansko

04.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Rome virtual tour. Do you like traveling but due to the current situation do you have to stay at home? Don't despair! We offer you a way to travel without leaving home...


2019 Italian Open Tennis in Rome Foro Italico, Viale del Foro Italico, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

06.05.2019 - 19.05.2025

The 2019 Italian Open Tennis returns to the Foro Italico in May 2019. The tournament, also known as the Rome Masters, will see the world’s best male and female players battling it out for top glory on the red clay courts of Rome...

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