One of the most interesting events of this summer will take place under the banner of Two Guns Country. This event will be exceptional not only for its conceptual stylization but also because an event of this nature will be in the current form, premiere in the Czech Republic. Following the example of American Front Porch festivals, where music lovers and performers intertwine in the streets and on the front porches of houses, locals will kindly let us perform on their porches and we can bring you the I. Front Porch Music Fest or Music on the Porch Festival.
Come and see it!

Place: Nad Rybníkem 218, 190 12 Praha
Date: July 18, 2020
Time: 18:00
Admission: free

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Nad Rybníkem 218, 190 12 Praha-Dolní Počernice, Česko



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