Night scooter riding


Night scootering – Prague 2023. Night scootering 2023 will traditionally open the season not only for all scooter lovers, but also for the Topsports centre rental network! Be there with us, already on April 22, 2023.

You can look forward to an unforgettable night ride through Prague on scooters under the light of headlamps and the moon, a unique children’s light trail with the performance of magical tasks, and for adults a relaxing ride and a 10 km race.

Registrations are already open at


Night scootering is regularly held in the area of InterKemp Kotva in Braník, Prague 4 and is intended for children from 4 years old and adults of all performance categories.
You can choose from a start on the children’s trail, where a child accompanied by a parent forms a team and rides a 3 km route on scooters, where they perform various lighted tasks.
Adults can go on a non-racing 10 km ride at a relaxed pace or line up at the start of the 10 km race, which runs along the cycle path towards Zbraslav and back.

We will be happy to lend a scooter, light or headlamp and helmet to everyone at the Topsports centre, which is also the event’s backstage.

Registration is available online and we ask all participants to reserve their equipment so that we have a scooter, light or helmet ready for everyone. The start of the children’s trail is at intervals so that children do not pile up at the tasks.

Please visit for further timings.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, we are looking forward to it.

Place: at Kempinku, Prague 4, Czech Republic
Date: Saturday, 22.04.2023
Start: 18:00 h
Price: 450 CZK

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U Kempinku, Praha 4, Česko


450 Kč EUR

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