Humbookfest Prague


The fans of young adult genre should not miss the unique festival which will take take place in 26 November 2022 at O2 Universum! Humbookfest will bring the most famous world and Czech authors, editors, translators, bloggers, various workshops and a rich accompanying programme! What is more, you can as always expect cosplay show, Potterfans, game zone.

The seventh edition will have the special hosts – world-famous writers Margaret Rogerson, who is the author of the well-known Sorcery of Thorns and Samantha Shannon an author of The Bone Season and The Priory of the Orange Tree.

Among the Czech authors there will be well-known names such as Nofreeusernames, Pavel Bareš, Kateřina Šardická or Anna Musilová. Other authors, authors and personalities such as Radek Starý alias Sterakdary, Karolína Zoe Meixnerová, Tessa Carter, Markéta Lukášková and Sam Xabyssus will present as well.

Venue: O2 universum Prague
Date: 26 November 2022
Admission: 649 Kč ; wheelchair user + one 649 CZK + 1 CZK ; children up to 8 years: 49 CZK

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O2 Universum, Českomoravská, Praha 9-Libeň, Česko


49 - 649 CZK EUR

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