Laxenburg Castle Park

17.06.2020 - 31.12.2024

In Laxenburg Castle park, you’ll have a chance to experience and feel the history of this beautiful place visited by many visitors each year. All of this while enjoying the intricate garden art built on the grounds of the whole complex. The castle park is considered to be Austria’s largest landscaped gardens famous for its vast landscape which is a perfect for hiking, exercising, having a picnic or simply having a stroll surrounded by beautiful nature, pond and artificially constructed water canals.

A large variety of leisure activities are like available on-site, to suit everyone’s taste. You can either have a look at the multitude of monuments and picturesque garden areas, take a ride on a boat on the lake, rent a water scooter or a water bicycle, or you can discover the majestic landmark of the park which has been aptly named Little Treasure House of Austria” – the Franzensburg! For a small fee you can event enter the grounds of the Fanzensburg which is completely sorrounded by water, so you’ll have to take a hand-operated ferry to get there.

Food stands are available to provide snacks and refreshments to all visitors.

Through the website listed below, you can enter the event calendar and find out what more can you see there! To get to the park, you will need to take a Vienna public transport service and then change to another city bus service which is operated by another company, therefore you will need to buy a separate ticket to the one which is valid in the city of Vienna.

Date: all year round
Place: Schlosspark Laxenburg, Austria
Entry: 1,50€ – 2.80€
Contact: +43 2236 71226 / /

photo by @christian_kremser

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Vienna, Rakúsko


1.50-2.80 EUR

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