Roman City of Carnuntum

01.06.2020 - 31.12.2023

Not far away from Vienna, close to the Slovak borders and city of Bratislava lies the Roman city of Carnuntum. What was formerly very important and significant Roman fortress and metropolis, now serves as an archeological site and museum to all interested. Its significance stems from the military purpose it once had. The metropolis served as a legionary headquarters and training place of the Roman Legion.

The whole archeological park extends in the area of approx. 10 square kilometers and holds the remnants of the city as well as the legionary headquarters where more than 50 thousand people had their home. The city is easily accessible either by a car or train and offers lots of activities not only for adults but also for children, such as Carnuntum with kids event where children will have a chance to experience the authentic daily life of Roman citizens in a fun and interactive way.

Visitors will be able to have a look at the reconstructed building of the headquarters where an exhibition illustrating Roman life is situated. The amphitheater built-in second century AD holds an exhibition about gladiators who were trained at the fortress and provided the citizens of the city with an entertainment. Training area where they trained to fight for their lives is also included in the tour.

One of the highlights of the tour is the city´s major landmark – the Heathen´s gate, which is a type of Roman monument which served as a symbol of triumph. The Caruntum´s Museum together with the city quarters show the visitors how Romans in ancient times lived, what was their day-to-day life like and what equipment, tools and other things they used to make their life easier and more comfortable.

You´ll be able to visit reconstructed buildings of Roman legionaries, merchants as well as ordinary people. And if you´re interested you can check out the famous Roman bathhouse as well 😀

When: Monday, June 01 – Sunday, November 15, from 09:00 to 17:00 / all year round
Where: Carnuntum, Austria
Entry: adults / 17€, seniors and students / 10€, children 11-14 yrs. / 6€
Contact: / +43 (0)2163 33 77 0

photo by © Andreas Hofer

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