February 2023 in Bratislava



Devínska kobyla

The second month of the year is also a colourful showcase of entertainment and events for everyone - theatre performances, food fests, parties, competitions, exhibitions, carnival, activities for children, lectures of all kinds. You just have to choose and have fun.
1. Street food festival
2. Show for children in the style of paw patrol
3. LORD OF THE RINGS in Concert
4. Night of Architecture and Design
5. Carnival
6. QUEEN show 
7. Pančlajn
8. Wicked Hip-hop Party
9. Fragile concert
10. Swing Valentine's Day


1. Street food festival

As every month, we bring something for our foodies. This time, the Street Food Festival has prepared a carnival feast for you at three locations in Bratislava. After a fasting period, these holidays bring abundance, fun, and great street food. Enjoy them from 17 to 19 February in Bratislava in Petržalka Market Hall and Rača and from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 February in Andrej Hlinka Park in Ružinov.


Street food fašiangy


2. Show for children in the style of Paw Patrol

The joy on the faces of our little ones will surely be evoked by the tale of puppies - Paw Patrol. The show full of singing, dancing, with educational and interactive elements will be a wonderful diversification of the time spent together as a family.


Show pre deti v štýle labkovej patroly


3. LORD OF THE RINGS in Concert

Don't miss the opportunity to see the amazing Lord of the Rings film in a unique concert. You will be enchanted not only by the music, but also by the great performances of the soloists. The legendary and fantastic world of hobbits and elves will come to life thanks to a musical and visual performance by the Lords of The Sound Symphony Orchestra.




4. Night of architecture and design

A showcase of inspiring works by art architecture students is offered by the evening multi-genre platform Night of Architecture and Design. The ambition of this event is to present the most interesting and inspiring student works of the last semester of the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava to the professional as well as the wider public.


Noc architektúry a dizajnu


5. Carnival

Carnivals are an opportunity to have fun. This time with your children at the Beiji Flor Lounge. Beiji Flor Lounge has prepared not only a carnival for the children, but also the opportunity to try a dance class for adults in a pleasant environment with refreshments and authentic Portuguese delicacies, coffee and wine. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Karneval pre deti a rodičov


6. QUEEN show Tribute to Legend

It's been 32 years since the death of one of rock music's greatest legends and founder of the band QUEEN, Freddie Mercury. The QUEEN Tribute to the Legend show will feature 18 of Queen's greatest hits. Their immortal hits, performed by our biggest stars on the music scene, will be accompanied by a captivating Lightshow with spectacular on-stage visuals and complemented by footage of QUEEN's live performances and Freddie Mercury's life on the LED screen.




7. Pančlajn

Life without humour is not worth much - Michael Szatmary, Jakub Zitron Ťapák, Matej Adámy, Joe Trendy, Vlado Mikuláš, Diana Rennerová, Samo Trnka and Matej Kubriczký will take care of your regular dose of laughter. On Wednesday 15th February at the V Club on the SNP Square in Bratislava.




8. Wicked Hip-hop Party

All hip hop lovers, beware! On Tuesday, February 15th, Mlynská dolina will resound with hip-hop culture and music. And it doesn't matter if you are a fan of west side, east side, nu or old school. The most famous R'n'B and rap hits will be brought to you by DJ's Laci Strike and Special Beatz, who will pump the beats to the max.


Wicked Hip-hop Party


9. Fragile concert

Singing with no instruments? - nice, but nothing special, you say. Fragile will show you something extraordinary. Their voices are both voices and instruments at the same time, and it's impossible to hide a single false note in this type of performance. Their repertoire includes timeless classics but focuses on modern songs and rhythms that are close to all of us - definitely something worth listening to.




10. Swing Valentine's Day

The Centre of Culture on Vajnorská Street will open its doors for Swinging Valentine's Day and we can have fun and enjoy the music of the 20s to 40s from the repertoire of FATS JAZZ BAND under the batton of Ladislav Fančovič. Dress up nicely in the style of the 1920s and dance to the hottest swing tunes as well as tangos and foxtrots from our, then-still Czechoslovakian period.


Swingový Valentín

Photo: @flyingdrone.sk
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