Workshop on climate justice

Workshop on climate justice

  • 28.05.2023
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A warm welcome to the second part of the Africa Groups’ annual meeting weekend – a day on the theme of climate justice! The program is open to everyone who wants to participate and no prior knowledge is required. Come and be inspired by our fantastic speakers, meet our partner organization Rural Women’s Assembly and participate in Afrikagruppen’s planning work for the work on climate justice, land and land rights, activism and feminism!

Where: Forum Civ, Alsnögatan 7, 116 44 Stockholm.
When: May 28, 9.00 -15.00. See today’s schedule below
Free: Yes!
Language: Mixed English and Swedish
We offer lunch and coffee. It is possible to participate digitally, depending on the number of registered participants.

We end this packed day with a workshop where you as a participant can help shape the direction of the Afrikagruppen’s work on climate justice, activism and sustainability issues. During the workshop, we will build on the topics and methods we learned in the morning.

Don’t miss to register for the Sunday program! The last day to register is May 22.


Parul Sharma
Dedicated human rights lawyer, author and sustainability expert.
Parul has extensive experience in working with sustainability issues and was elected as Amnesty International Sweden’s Chairman of the Board in 2020. For two years, she led the Swedish government’s Agenda 2030 delegation with clear global goals for sustainable development. Parul Sharma is also regional director for climate justice issues in the organization Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights Asia and works with child rights, women’s rights and environmental issues with a focus on climate justice in the South Asia region.

Helen Wahlgren
Press spokesperson for Restore the Wetlands, an association of people who, through peaceful resistance, intend to force the Swedish government to ban peat mining and restore wetlands to take the first necessary step towards protecting their population instead of destroying it. Helen is a committed activist and public school teacher. She has previously been active in several organizations including Extinction Rebellion and has been convicted of civil disobedience. Listen to her talk about activism and be inspired by her passionate commitment to the climate.

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