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Find out what’s happening in Stockholm. Best events and things to do, concerts, festivals, markets, parties you can not miss.

Stockholm events


Asian Movie Festival

  • 20.03.2024 - 24.03.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 110 SEK
  • 18:00

AFF is thrilled to celebrate Asian film for the 5th year in a row, with a special focus on Mongolian film this year!
• 20 march – 18:00 : THE MO…


Latin Bash Festival

  • 29.06.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 80 - 265 SEK
  • 14:00

We are back!
After the success, we are back with Sweden’s most wonderful festival.
Book the date now and be part of this journey.
Take part in …


International Food Festival

  • 21.05.2024 - 25.05.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 0
  • 11:00

Who wouldn’t love to experience delicacies from around the world? For such people, Vällingby Torg invites you to its international food festival…


Tap Festival

  • 27.03.2024 - 02.04.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • various
  • 14:15

Welcome to the 12th edition of Stockholm International Tap Dance Festival! We look forward to seeing you all here for the Easter Holidays 2024!
𝐽𝑜𝑛𝑎𝑠 …


Department Festival

  • 07.06.2024 - 08.06.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 990 - 1 950 SEK
  • 17:00

Department is back for two transcendent days of electronic music on the island of Långholmen. Joining us in the haze are:
Floating Points LIVE
Daphni …


Fiesta-Latin Festival

  • 27.07.2024 - 28.07.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 220 SEK
  • 13:00

Welcome the whole family to Fiesta – Latin Festival 2024!
It promises to be a magical day filled with wonderful experiences.
Artists, live bands…

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Best places Stockholm


Nobel Prize Museum

  • 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2030
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 0 - 140 SEK
  • 11:00

Welcome to the Nobel Prize Museum!
Swedish inventor and industrialist Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) had a clear vision for the prize he created. In his wil…



  • 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2030
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm

Welcome to the most well-known park in Stockholm – Kungsträdgården! The park beloved by all thanks to it´s rich historical background but more s…


The Nordic Museum

  • 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2030
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 0 - 150 SEK
  • 10:00

Welcome to the biggest and most notable museum in Sweden – The Nordic Museum!
If you´re wondering where to find the greatest collections of info…

Trädgården club Event/Place

Trädgården club

  • 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2030
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • various

Welcome to the only outdoor club in Stockholm! Located near a beautiful garden, the area is perfect for having fun while being surrounded by nature.


Skogskyrkogården cemetery

  • 20.12.2022 - 31.12.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm

One of the most popular trips in Stockholm is a visit to Skogskyrkogården cemetery, a forest cemetery where famous people from Sweden are buried. A pe…


Fotografiska museum

  • 20.12.2022 - 31.12.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm

Are you interested in contemporary photography? If yes, Fotografiska is the perfect place for you! Four unique exhibitions and about 20 smaller exhibi…

  • 0 - 225 SEK

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Things to do in Stockholm

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This weekend in Stockholm

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February 2024 in Stockholm

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What to see in Stockholm

  • 29.01.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm

1. Subway Art tour
2. Visit Vasa museum
3.  See Stockholm from the boat
4.  Try Swedish meatballs
5. Visit ABBA museum
6. Explore Gamla Stan
7. Admire the view from Monteliusvägen cliff path
8. Party at Trädgården

Enjoy your stay in Stockholm!

Stockholm metro stations by strafari

  • 29.01.2024
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm

Stockholm’s metro, also known as Tunnelbana, is famous for its unique and artistic metro stations.

Here are some of the most beautiful metro stations in Stockholm you should visit:

1. Stadion
2. Tekniska högskolan
3. Rådhuset metro station
4. Thorildsplan
5. T – Centralen
6. Kungsträdgården

Here are a few interesting facts about the Stockholm metro:

1. Artistic Stations

Many stations on the Stockholm metro are decorated with stunning artwork, making the subway system one of the world’s longest art exhibitions. Over 90 out of the 100 stations feature sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and installations created by various artists.

2. World’s Longest Art Gallery

With approximately 110 kilometers (68 miles) of track, the Stockholm metro is often referred to as the world’s longest art gallery. Each station has its own distinct design and theme, creating a visually captivating experience for commuters and visitors alike.

3. Oldest Station

The oldest station on the Stockholm metro is T-Centralen, which opened in 1950. It serves as the central hub for the system and connects three different subway lines.

4. Deep Stations

Some of the metro stations in Stockholm are located deep underground. For example, the Kungsträdgården station is situated about 34 meters (112 feet) below ground level, making it one of the deepest stations in the world.

5. Cavernous Stations

A few stations on the Stockholm metro are built in caverns blasted out of solid rock. The impressive scale and architecture of these stations, such as Stadion and Solna Centrum, create a unique atmosphere for commuters.

6. Efficient and Punctual

The Stockholm metro is known for its efficiency and punctuality. Trains run frequently and are known for their reliability, ensuring that commuters can rely on the system for their daily transportation needs.

Enjoy your stay in Stockholm!

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