Kam s dětmi v Praze

Things to do in Prague with kids

  • 30.05.2024
  • Events, What to do in Prague

When you say Prague, perhaps everyone thinks of a big city shining with all its colours, which offers its visitors the opportunity to get to know a piece of its rich history, as well as providing a wealth of entertainment. However, the centuries-old city of Prague has a lot to offer not only to adults, but also to its little visitors. Here are our tips for where to go in Prague with kids.

1. Petrin Hill
2. Zoological Garden
3. Wax Museum
4. Walk along the Vltava River
5. Cat café and confectionery Myšák
6. Museum of Illusions
7. National Museum
8. Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre
9. Aviation Museum in Kbely
10. Observatory and Planetarium
11. Family events

1. Petřín

In Prague you will find many interesting places that will entertain not only you, but also the smallest curious ones. But the first attraction is the view of the city itself. There is no argument that the view of Prague is truly breathtaking, especially in the dark when the city is beautifully lit. Such a view will amaze everyone and children are no exception, especially if it is combined with other entertainment. That’s why it’s a great idea to start your visit to Prague at Petrin Hill.

From Petrin Hill you have one of the most beautiful views of the city, you can see the Prague Castle with its St. Vitus Cathedral, the centre of Prague and the Vltava River and its bends as well as the famous bridges. You can’t forget the cable car to Petřín, which will take you to this view, from which you will have the city in the palm of your hand. Every small child loves to ride the cable car, which is why the ride up is fun in itself.

A walk up Petrin Hill can be accompanied by a fun surprise. This is the mirror maze full of strange, perhaps even magical, but in any case 100% fun reflections. All children love to laugh and will have a lot of fun in this maze, which we ourselves loved to go to as children. There’s something for everyone in Prague, but a trip to Petřín would be an eternal shame to miss.


2. Zoo of world-class parameters

An integral part of any visit to Prague with children is always a trip to our largest zoo in Troja, which can be combined with a walk along the Vltava River and perhaps even the natural maze in the Troja Castle, which you will find just opposite the main entrance to the zoo.

The Prague Zoo is home to impressive large beasts, gorillas, elephants, kangaroos and hundreds of other mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and insects. In addition, Prague Zoo offers a nice walk with a view of Prague or the opportunity to visit the many playgrounds on its premises. And children will not miss the cable car that connects the lower and upper parts of the zoo.

But the main thing is the animals. It is mainly because of them and the conditions created for them by the Zoo staff that Prague Zoo is rated as the best in the world. You should not deprive your children of the experience of visiting it.


3. Wax Museum

Rulers and movie stars in one place. Prague is full of surprises and fun for young and old. The wax museum has been a part of it for the last few years. Children and adults can meet a wide range of famous personalities, from actors and singers to superheroes and historical figures. You can come face to face with Charles IV, for example, and learn about him in the process. It’s not only fun, but also educational. And that’s the best characteristic of a trip with children. Moreover, it is a trip that is also suitable for rainy days.

And speaking of fun exploring history, not far from the Wax Museum is Old Town Square, where you can see the world-famous Astronomical Clock. Every full hour, children can see the 12 Apostles parade here, and this is also something that kids should definitely see.

And if you don’t mind looking too much like a tourist, why not take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, of which there are always more than enough in the square. A carriage ride will surely be another unforgettable experience for your kids.


4. Monuments and the Vltava River

A walk through Prague often continues through the narrow streets to the famous Charles Bridge, from where you can enjoy a beautiful and fascinating view of the Vltava River, where children can watch steamboats, pedal boats and seagulls flying overhead. If you go a little lower under the Charles Bridge, you will reach a small park with access to the river. There, you and your children can soak up the atmosphere of the calmly flowing river, enriched by a view of the famous National Theatre. Your children will probably appreciate the flocks of ducks and swans, which they will certainly enjoy.


5. Cat café and confectionery Myšák

What a trip with kids it would be if it didn’t end in a cake shop. And preferably not an ordinary patisserie, but a cat café where friendly cats will keep you and your children company while you eat your treats. If you prefer a more refined atmosphere, you have more than enough options in Prague. One example is the Myšák confectionery, whose history dates back to 1922 and has been frequented by the likes of Ema Destinová, Oldřich Nový and even President Tomáš G. Masaryk.


6. Museum of Illusions

Most children want to be on the move and at the same time like to explore and discover the world. That’s why you can take them to the Museum of Illusions, for example, where you’re guaranteed to enjoy it too. There you will discover a fascinating world of unreal optical illusions, fun and magic that can amaze all ages. This museum is also located in the very centre of our capital city and offers the whole family the perfect entertainment in the form of more than a hundred interactive exhibits.


7. National Museum

You should not miss the newly reconstructed National Museum with all its iconic exhibits such as the skeleton of a whale or a life-size mammoth. The reconstructed museum meets the requirements of the 21st century and is definitely worth a visit.


8. Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre

Why not go to a performance of Spejbl and Hurvínek? This theatre with almost a century of history also performs shows for adults, but the main part of its programme was and is intended for children. Spejbl and Hurvínek is an ageless classic and is guaranteed to make you and your children laugh. Definitely go to Dejvice to see them.


9. Aviation Museum in Kbely

The Kbel Air Museum is part of the Military Museum and is open only from spring to autumn. However, if you happen to be in Prague when it is open, make sure you go. There is no admission fee and you can see countless aircraft documenting the history of aviation from its earliest days to the present day. You’ll see legendary machines from World War II, jet fighters and the cockpit of the Soyuz spacecraft.


10. Observatory and Planetarium

The observatory in Petřín and the planetarium in Stromovka form a single unit, but it is worth visiting even one of these facilities. Children and adults alike will learn many interesting things about the mysteries of the universe and the successes we have already achieved in exploring it. The Planetarium in particular offers a range of programmes for children of all ages, and no one in the family will be bored here either.


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