Things to do in Prague


Top things to do in Prague this weekend

Find out what is going on this weekend in Prague. If you still don't know what to do, our selection of the best weekend events in Prague can help. Parties, bazaar, cinema, concerts, exhibitions and great food events and festivals you can not miss!

Top things to do in PRAGUE in August

Find out what is going on this August in Prague. Best events, things to do to have fun, relaxation, party and good mood.

Unusual things to do in Prague

What should you not miss in Prague? There is no shortage of non-traditional places in Prague, which is visited by around 8 million tourists every year. Most of them will be satisfied with tourist destinations such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. But if you want to experience Prague from a different angle ..

Virtual tour of Prague

Virtual tour of Prague. Prague has a lot to offer. It is a historic city with beautiful castles, towers and unique bridges. It is very hard to pick up only a few things you should see during your visit. Prague is packed with amazing attractions and it is almost impossible to see it all. But don’t worry, we have prepared for you a list of places and historical monuments in Prague, but with a twist! All of these below you can see as well on a virtual tour.

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