Unusual things to do in Prague



There is no shortage of non-traditional places in Prague, which is visited by around 8 million tourists every year. Most of the eight million visitors mentioned earlier will be satisfied with tourist destinations such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. But if you want to experience Prague from a different angle and you are not satisfied with a ride on a double-decker red bus, you should look for interesting corners in the hidden streets of Prague rather than a tourist guide.

Do you want to experience something extraordinary in Prague? Great, that you're right here! As a Prague woman, I will be happy to take you through my hometown. Let's take a look at the 10 the best known and underappreciated or unknown places in Prague.

Here is my list of interesting places in Prague, loved even by locals. What is yours?

  1. Žižkov tower
  2. Náplavka waterfront
  3. Roof Radosť
  4. Jerusalem (Jubilee) Synagogue
  5. DOX
  6. Cross club
  7. St. Agnes Monastery
  8. The mysterious Faust House
  9. Old Town Bridge Tower
  10. Štefánik Observatory

1. Žižkov tower

The tallest building in Prague, which is an integral part of the modern look of Prague, is a mandatory attraction for all tourists without dizziness. Few places in Prague will give you such a fantastic view and rocking chairs from which you can enjoy it. I recommend coming before sunset and watching how Prague changes with the falling darkness.

Tip: You can relax right under the tower while playing minigolf, the modern 18-hole course will entertain you (and the last hole may annoy you a bit).

OPENING HOURS: Every day from 9 am to midnight.
ADMISSION: Adults CZK 250, children up to 3 years free, children from 3 to 14 years 160 CZK, students 180 CZK.



2. Náplavka waterfront

Stroll along the river or, in fine weather, take a seat on one of the many boats that serve cafés, restaurants and bars. The trip includes a beautiful view of Hradčany and swan watching. Many interesting events are taking place in Naplavka waterfront, for example, Farmer's markets.



3. Roof Radosť

And we will stay at the fantastic views. Roof RADOST is a fresh novelty in Prague, but it should definitely not go unnoticed. You can either choose from a great program (DJs, dance hall, summer cinema, exercises, commented views), or just come for a drink.

OPENING HOURS: Tue – Fri 15–23
Sat – Sun from 13–23

ADMISSION: 100 CZK entrance with a drink included, events individually.


4. Jerusalem (Jubilee) Synagogue

If (like me) you don't know what to imagine under the term "Art Nouveau stylization of Moorish style morphology", the only right way to enrich your vocabulary is to take a look at the youngest and largest synagogue in Prague. You will find it in the New Town and you will definitely enjoy it.

OPENING HOURS: April-October
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun 9–18
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun 9–16: 30
(closed during Saturdays and Jewish holidays)

ADMISSION: Basic CZK 80, reduced CZK 40.


5. DOX

The best place for all alternatives and fans of contemporary art. To see a great exhibition in the building of the former factory and then have coffee on the terrace and debate the exhibition? That sounds like a great first date! The gallery is a little further from the center, but at least you can combine a visit with a drink in the Cross Club, maybe followed by some great performance.

OPENING HOURS: Mon, Tue closed
Wed 14–21
Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 12–18
ADMISSION: Adults CZK 210, students CZK 120, students of arts CZK 80, children up to 6 years free, children from 7 to 15 years CZK 80.



6. Cross club

The Prague Cross Club with a café and restaurant is not only a business and a place of culture, but above all a design sensation. Provocative sculptures and sculptures made of recycled metals, wood and ceramics are definitely instagram friendly.

OPENING HOURS: Café daily 11: 30–2
The Club from 18 to morning


7. St. Agnes Monastery

The St. Agnes Monastery (Na Františku) is probably the most underappreciated monument in Prague. It was founded in 1231 and today serves not only the spiritual forehead but also as a gallery. In the beautiful monastery garden, you can see the exhibits of the National Gallery and inside you will be amazed by the monumentality of churches and chapels.

OPENING HOURS: March – May and September – October 10–18
June – August 10–22

Free admission


8. The mysterious Faust House

Do you like history? Then when preparing the program for where to go in Prague, you must not forget probably the most mysterious Prague house, which is nicknamed Faust's. You will find it right in the center on the corner of Charles Square. This originally Gothic house from the 14th century is surrounded by a truly remarkable history.

It stands on the site of pagan sacrifice and has been used by several alchemists and adherents of the occultism. During the Romantic period, the house was associated with a mysterious legend about Faust, who signed his soul to the devil. Unfortunately, the interior of the house is not accessible, but the beautiful pink baroque palace deserves your attention, even if only from the outside.


9. Old Town Bridge Tower

Replace the overcrowded and overpriced Old Town Astronomical Clock with the Old Town Bridge Tower, which is located directly on Charles Bridge, but almost no one knows about it. You will therefore be able to enjoy the view of Prague in private.

OPENING HOURS: November – February every day 10–18
March every day from 10 am to 8 pm
April – September every day 10–22
October every day 10–20

ADMISSION: basic CZK 100, reduced CZK 70.


10. Štefánik Observatory

Petřín is one of the common destinations for tourists, but few of them look at the observatory, which is located on a romantic hill. In addition to observing the stars, you can see equipment, astronomical exhibition and many interactive exhibits.

The opening hours of the observatory change every month. Take a look at their site instead.

ADMISSION: Basic 90 CZK, reduced 70 CZK.


I hope you liked my tips and you will enjoy your stay in Prague.


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