Vienna in the Middle Ages


What happened in Vienna in these more than 600 years of the Middle Ages? How did the poor and rich live? Look for the now restored, unique medieval frescoes and get to know the “Neidhard Games” – a popular, coarse entertainment in the 15th century. Find out the few traces that still exist and their secrets. On the tour, you can also see original pieces from the Middle Ages that the guide takes with him from his collection. The tour is also suitable for children interested in stories and secrets.

* Medieval Vienna
* Historical stories
* Visit the unique medieval frescoes
* Original pieces to touch, approx. 600 years old
* Anecdotes and idioms from the Middle Ages

When: Sunday, August 2, from 10 AM to 12 PM
Where: Freyung, Vienna, Austria
Tour duration: approx. 2 hours.
Tourist guide: Wolfgang
Cost: 20 € / person
Contact: / +43 677 61612322 /

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Freyung, Viedeň, Rakúsko


20 EUR

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