Bogárbál Family Concert


The Makám band is preparing for Carnival with a family concert on 12 February. The interactive program aims to show the relationship between animals and humans and to bring children closer to nature and its wildlife. The band’s songs will not only invite the little ones to play, but also the whole family.

The Makám Orchestra’s interactive family show will focus on the relationship between animals and humans, especially animals and children. The concert will bring nature, forests, fields, lakes, rivers and the animals that live in them closer to children used to the big city in a playful way. The songs not only appeal to the youngest children, but also invite them to play.

The Makám Orchestra is one of the oldest representatives of ethno-folk and world music in Hungary. It is the most traditional and the most modern of the Hungarian folk music groups. Their music is influenced by Far Eastern, Balkan, African, jazz and contemporary music. Their most recent period is characterised by a rediscovery of the archaic forms of Hungarian folk music and song. The heritage of Bartók and Kodály, the synthesis of archaic cultures and the musical elements of the present day, is the unchanging creed of Makám.

Tickets on the ‘Várkert Bazár/Castle Garden Bazaar’ website.

Venue: Castle Garden Bazaar
Date: 12 Feb
Time: 11:00

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Budapest, Várkert Bazár, Ybl Miklós tér, Magyarország


1500-3000 Ft EUR

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