Night Bunker Tour

13.01.2023 - 22.04.2023

An extraordinary experience at Csepel Művek on 13 January! The programme will take participants on a night bunker tour, visiting three World War II shelters and giving them an insight into the events of 1944 at what was once Hungary’s largest factory. It is guaranteed to be an authentic and even exclusive visit, as the material presented has never been published before and is currently unavailable in any other form.

The tour is available at several times. More information on the website.
Get to know the strongest shelter system ever built in our most significant factory! 3 WWII-era bunker: we visit both underground and above-ground shelters, we visit all three types of strong shelters ever built in the factory: control point, mass shelter and air defense hospital (“hospital bunker”). History really comes to life in the factory’s No. 2 former air defense specialist district commander’s shelter: a real living museum with thousands of exhibition items lined up with original, functional mechanical engineering equipment, where not only photography is possible, but also a significant part of the exhibited equipment can be tried out!

The bunker tour is a completely unique, premium program package on the tourist market: it presents the events of Hungary’s largest ever factory in 1944, providing a 4-hour program, by visiting shelters built during World War II. In addition to exploring the area of ​​Csepel Művek, guests get a comprehensive view of the air defense of the time, the mechanical equipment of the shelters and historical events (the construction of the shelters, the World War II air raids on the factory, etc.).
Exclusivity and historical authenticity are guaranteed: the materials presented during the tour have not been published before and are currently not available in any other form (and the shelters are also only open during the bunker tour). Thousands of hours of research (archives, site visits, dozens of personal interviews, literature research, etc.) have been invested in the project, which began in 2009 and has continued since then, and the findings are supported by dozens of World War II documents and exclusive, self-produced videos, not available elsewhere, featuring former factory workers who experienced air raids in one of the bunkers.

The participation fee is 8,850 HUF/person, 6,750 HUF/person under the age of 16. The extra charge for a gift ticket redeemable at a time of your choice is HUF 350/ticket.
The total length of the tour is 4 hours (can be shortened individually if desired).

More information on the BudapestScenes website.

Venue: Csepel Művek
Date: 13 Jan
Time: 19:00-23:00

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Budapest, BudapestScenes Bunkertúra, Központi út, Magyarország


6750-8850 Ft EUR

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