Weyes Blood


The time has come to welcome a great American band in the beautiful Stockholm. Even though they are not well known in these parts, a true fan of orchestral, noise music will recognize them. But if you wish to join the fans, you are welcome to tag along for an impressive musical display.

30 January – Berns, Stockholm
When prestigious publications like Pitchfork, Uncut, Guardian and NPR were asked to sum up the music year 2019, they all agreed: Weyes Blood’s ‘Titanic Rising’ was one of the very best and most important records of the year. Thoughtful, orchestral and intricate, Weyes Blood managed to depict a coming apocalypse with a calm that both terrified and comforted. The artist herself has described her music as ‘Bob Seger meets Enya’ and perhaps she is referring to the unique way she manages to balance the cosmic with the irresistibly melodic.

Although it was with ‘Titanic Rising’ that Weyes Blood got her big break, at the time she was anything but a debutante. Playing guitar since the age of eight anyway, she spent the late 2000s in the underground noise scene before releasing her solo debut ‘The Outside Room’ in 2011. Since then there have been two more albums, not least the stunning ‘Front Row Seat to Earth’ from 2016 and now the time has come for the long-awaited new album ‘And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow’ which is released on 18 November. An album where the enigmatic Weyes Blood finds itself seeking strategies to live in the doom rather than fearing it.

Place: Berns, Berzelii park, Stockholm
Price: 400 SEK
Date: 30. 01. 2023
Time: 19:00



Berzelii park, Stockholm, Švédsko



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