Fish and little fish

28.08.2022 - 18.12.2022

Fish and fish – the largest aquarium exhibition and sales exchange in Prague, takes place every Sunday (June to August events are held irregularly on Saturdays/Sundays) in Pankrác from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the First Language Primary School, Horáčkova 1100, Prague 4, 140 00 near the Pankrác metro station.

Dates and information about the Largest aquarium exhibition and sales exchange in Prague RYBY A RYBIČKY are on the official website.

What you can find at the event: – A wide range of fish, aquatic animals, snails and shrimps directly from breeders (not from a wholesale farm) – A wide selection of plants directly from growers (not from a wholesale farm) – A large selection of different types of food (live, frozen and dried) – Aquarium roots – Aquarium ceramics – Medicines, Vitamins and fertilizers – Aquarium equipment and accessories – Free expert consultation directly from aquarists and growers with many years of experience – Aquariums with the possibility to order aquarium gluing according to dimensions – Aquarium literature and magazines – Cheaper prices than in aquarium shops – Over 1000 m2 of sales area.

– Aquarium animals
– A wide range of aquarium fish, shrimps, snails, crayfish, crabs, axolotls, amphibians direct from breeders.
– Aquarium plants
– Aquarium and pond plants direct from growers guaranteeing maximum quality and a wide selection.
– Foodstuffs
– Large selection of different types of food: dry, frozen and live food.
– Aquariums
– Aquariums with the possibility to order a customized aquarium or terrarium bonding.
– Aquarium equipment
– Aquarium equipment such as filtration, backgrounds, roots, sands, stones, decorations, …
– Ceramics
– A large selection of handmade ceramic habitats and enclosures for terrariums and aquariums.
– Literature
– Czech and foreign specialized books and magazines.
– Free expert consultation
– Free expert consultation directly with aquarists and growers with many years of experience.
– Preparations and pharmaceuticals
– A large selection of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and fertilizers for your aquariums and ponds is also available at the exchange.
– Refreshments
– The possibility of quiet seating and refreshments on the premises.

AUGUST 2022 28.8. (from June to August irregularly)
SEPTEMBER 2022 – 4.9., 11.9., 18.9., 25.9.
OCTOBER 2022 – 2.10., 9.10., 16.10., 23.10., 30.10.
NOVEMBER 2022 – 6.11., 13.11., 20.11., 27.11.
DECEMBER 2022 – 4.12., 11.12., 18.12.

Place: the First Language Primary School in Prague 4, Horáčkova 1100, Horáčkova, Prague 4-Krč, Czech Republic
Start: from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Price: from 30 CZK

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První jazyková základní škola v Praze 4, Horáčkova 1100, Horáčkova, Praha 4-Krč, Česko


od 30 Kč EUR

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