Budapest bachata weekend with Sanya

13.08.2022 - 14.08.2022

Dear Interested Party! Do you not yet know how to dance bachata or would you like to improve your skills? Here is your chance! 🙂
The bachata is a dance of Dominican origin, which is dynamic and spectacular. It is characterised by couples dancing in close contact, even in close physical contact, with active hip movements, and in gentle coordination.
13.08.2022 SATURDAY 16:00-19:00 (3 x 60 minutes)
14.08.2022 SUNDAY 10:00-13:00 (3 x 60 minutes)
On Saturday and Sunday you will learn the basics, different isolation and leading techniques, which will be used to learn different figures and combinations.
It’s a couples dance, so it’s a good idea to come in pairs. No previous dance experience is necessary.
Pre-registration is REQUIRED
You can settle the workshop fee AFTER FULL REGISTRATION on the spot in cash or by bank transfer to the following account number:

Please include your name and billing address in the communication in case of transfer!

I can accept cancellations until midnight on 05.08.2022, after that date I cannot refund any fees.
Participation is subject to registration and payment together.
The price for pre-registration for the weekend workshop is:
11.000 HUF/person (6 x 60 minutes) until midnight on 03.08.2022.
from 04.08.2022 or on the spot: 12.000 Ft/person (6 x 60 minutes)
Please pay attention to the health and safety of yourself and others!
In any case, I will send you a confirmation of your registration by e-mail!
If you have any questions, please contact
Roxy Studio.
1136 Budapest, Tátra utca 4.
Thank you very much!
See you soon 🙂

Venue: Roxy Studio, 1136 Budapest, Tátra utca 4.
Date: 13.08.2022 – 14.08.2022
03.08.2022 until midnight: 11.000 HUF/person (6 x 60 minutes)
From 04.08.2022 or on the spot: 12.000 HUF/person (6 x 60 minutes)
Admission: until 03.08.2022 11.000 HUF/person, from 04.08.2022 12.000 HUF/person

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Budapest, Roxy Studio - Zumba Fitness - Táncos aerobik - TRX, Tátra utca, Magyarország


2022.08.03-ig 11.000 Ft/fő, 2022.08.04-től 12.000 Ft/fő EUR

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