Roman Beach

01.06.2022 - 31.08.2022

Roman Beach, located in the northern part of Buda, is one of Budapest’s most popular beaches in the summer months. If you would like to spend a pleasant afternoon on the waterfront, Római is one of the best choices for this, among other reasons because visiting is free of charge! Countless places await those who want to have a snack; in addition to the iconic Evezős Sörket, Csónakház Mulató and Platán, the offer has been expanded in recent years with several new locations. Such is Kupak és Dugó, where you can enjoy delicious pizza and a huge variety of beers, or the Két Rombusz ruin pub. And you can rest comfortably in Fellini’s lounge chairs or Nap Bácsi’s beanbags, usually accompanied by great concerts. If you would like vegan food or Mexican flavors, you will surely find delicacies to your liking in the Miamor food court. If you want something special, you should visit Garden Placc or A Part, but if you come with children, you should not miss the Minus11 ice cream parlor either.
Accessability: at the Árpád bridge, bus number 34 or BKK boat number 13.

Place: Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 15
Date: Summer season

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Budapest, Római part, Magyarország


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