08.12.2022 - 12.05.2023

“Undateable” – English Comedy/Dating Stories. ???? ????? ?????? ????! “?????? ???????? – ?????? ??? ??????” ?? ????? ?? ??????? ? ????????? ??????? ???????? ?? ? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ??: ❤???????

From the romantic, to the cringe, to the outright insane–we’ve all had those dates that we’re not proud of (but we also don’t full regret ?). When dating goes well, it can be great–but when it goes bad…well at least we get to look back and laugh about it!

Tonight’s show features American stand-up comedian (and TikTok “star”) REGINALD BÄRRIS, as he finds the humor through all the trials and tribulations of modern dating! Reginald’s sold out shows in 20+ countries across Europe!

????? ????: 19:30
???? ??????: 20:00
?????: 15€ Online / 18€ Door Price / 13€ Student ID (incl. VAT)
???????: TheReginaldBarris@gmail.com

Pre-sale Ticket holders can skip to the front of the line to check in and get first pick at seats. Tables cannot be reserved in advance. Tickets are available at the door once pre-sale ticket holders have been admitted.

★★★★★ – 5 Star Reviews!
We had a blast!! Thanks so much, will look for ya again!”
-Sonia in Salzburg ??
Just saw your show and wanted to say how amazing it was. We hope you make it to the states touring!”
-Jordana in Wiesbaden ??
Reginald Bärris has quickly become one of my favorite comics and I’m glad I finally got to see a full show!”
-Brandon in Martinez ??

Place: Shebeen International Pub, Lerchenfelder Straße, Vienna, Austria


Starts: 19:30
Entry: 13 – 18 €
Contact: TheReginaldBarris@gmail.com

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Shebeen International Pub, Lerchenfelder Straße, Vienna, Austria


13 - 18 EUR

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