2-Day Cuban Salsa Bootcamp

02.07.2022 - 03.07.2022

Are you interested in impressing your friends with new sweet moves? Then how about learning Cuban salsa? Continue reading to learn more!

★ WHEN ★
02.07.22, 13-17
03.07.22, 11-15

Scandinavian Dance Academy,
Västmannagatan 43, 113 25 Stockholm

Day 1
Rumba Columbia
Cuban Salsa Musicality
Salsa Contratiempo
Salsa con Afro

Day 2
Cuban Salsa Footwork
Salsa con Rumba Guaguanco
Cuban Body Movement
Salsa con Pilon

Before 27.6.22
590 SEK per Day
690 SEK per Day

Sign up via Cuban Salsa Bootcamp personal webpage!

David Jascha has studied Cuban Salsa and Afro Cuban dances in Havana from some of the best Cuban dancers in the world. He has given 40+ Weekend-Salsa-Workshops all over Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. He is based in Gothenburg where he is teaching Cuban Salsa Bootcamps.

Before leaving Cuba, he was even offered a spot in the dance team of 1830, Havana’s most popular salsa club. During 2018-19, he has travelled all over Europe, attending international congresses and exploring the dance communities of most major cities.

As a future psychologist, David is deeply concerned with didactics and has a strong passion for teaching the core principles of dance to empower his students to continue independently on their dance journeys.

Place: Scandinavian Dance Academy, Västmannagatan, Stockholm
Price: 590 – 1 380 SEK
Date: 02. 07. 2022
Time: 13:00

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Scandinavian Dance Academy, Västmannagatan, Stockholm, Švédsko


590 - 1 380 SEK EUR

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