Retrowave Carnival


A real retro wave time travel back to the 80s with a live concert and a carnival costume afterparty until dawn🌴🎹🎸🎷🎧🌴

The best-known band of the local synthwave style finally returns to the stage! Once again Quixotic’s songs will be performed live. The Flamingo Drive-In will take you back to the era of worn-out VHS tapes with a modern sound of synthesizer melodies and guitar solos that evoke the 80s. The Quixotic LIVE formation comes on stage with guitarist Miklós Czifra (Leander Kills, Amigod, Poison Alley) and saxophonist Rita Baracskay, who also played on the album.

In a short time, Quixotic has not only become Hungary’s most popular synthwave DJ/producer but his name is already known worldwide by the followers of the genre. His hit “Palms” has already over 9 million views on Youtube. He also hosts the highly successful Stranger Synths and WAVES party series.

Stranger Synths Farsang 🙃
After the gigs, the coolest 80s/retrowave party in the country, hop in the DeLorean and Hill Valley town in the Aquarium Club, where you can party to modern and contemporary hits infused with 80s vibes. Quixotic, the best-known homegrown pioneer of the new wave of retrowave, is in charge of the vibe. His sets are guaranteed to take you on an audiovisual journey through time on the waves of the synth. Christmas bulbs, retro arcade machines for the full Upside Down experience. The introduction will be provided by fellow synth expert Megahit during the first hour.

Place: Akvárium Klub
Date: 25th of February, 19:00
Entry: 3000HUF

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Budapešť, Akvárium Klub, Erzsébet tér, Maďarsko



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