Central Europe Dance Theatre


K-Arcok: Harslet // Dark Matter – Central Europe Dance Theatre
double premiere 

The K-Arcok series is an exceptional professional initiative of the Central Europe Dance Theatre, which has had six successful productions to date, as evidenced by a Lábán Award nomination and a Mono Dance Grand Prize. Its aim is to capture the essence of Hungarian contemporary dance through exceptional creative personalities such as Anna Réti, Adrienn Hód, Gábor Halász and Attila Kun, Csaba Molnár and Máté Mészáros. Thanks to the genre of the solo, the dancer’s presence on stage and the choreographer’s responses to the ideas offered during the rehearsal process reveal the performer’s personality, thus turning the joint work of two creative entities into a single caricature, a portrait. 



“Can the performer undress out of his own skin? Can attention cease to be a function of action, is the energy released in static enough to create and sustain attention? How can we simplify and purify the thoughts our imagination generates, and keep the spectator’s gaze on us? Can we get it to connect?” 
As an intimate state, Harslet creates a visual world of the presentation of the Self, where fantasy, play and suggestion go hand in hand. Neither exists without the other, just as there is no work without the one who dreams it and the one who receives it. The formative image of our inner being is always projected to the place from which, by shedding the excess, we can come closer to ourselves. 

Dávid Dabóczi 
Light by Zoltán Fogarasi 
Music by László Mádi 
Choreographer: László Mádi 


Dark Matter 

“There is no light in it, no darkness, because the objects burn at night, too, with a dense, dull, deep glow, the colour becomes at once a property of the world, not its surface, the form emanates from within, the extension of the sensual body is not a cooled ornament. Life is not flowing, but flowing, pulsating within itself, with a slow, calm pulsation, like a sweet, dark, intoxicating liquid.” (Béla Hamvas: Trees, excerpt from The Laurel Grove Book of Essays) 

Liliána Bozsányi 
Set and costume designer. 
Music by Gábor Keresztes 
Lighting by Zoltán Fogarasi 
Choreographer: Bea Egyed 

The performances are part of the Imre Zoltán Programme. 
 More information:
Bethlen Téri Theatre
1071 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor tér 3.  

+36 1 999 0661  

Budapest, Bethlen Téri Theatre, Bethlen Gábor Square, Hungary
Date: 04.12.2021
Entrance fee: 2500 HUF

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Budapest, Bethlen Téri Színház, Bethlen Gábor tér, Magyarország


2500 EUR

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