Design Week

08.10.2021 - 17.10.2021

In 2021, Budapest Design Week will be held for the 18th time, with a predominantly offline programme. This year’s programme will follow the pattern of previous years: it will include events organised by the Hungarian Design Council and the Hungarian Design Council Office, as well as events organised by external partners, with several cities in the countryside joining in. The main venue will be the Sas Street Society.

Budapest Design Week 2021 will focus on the ‘brave new world’ after the pandemic, with designers playing a crucial role in shaping it.
As the past year has shown, a pandemic situation affects our everyday lives in many ways: our social and shopping habits have changed, local products and goods have come to the fore, social connections and the role of belonging have been enhanced, travel restrictions have made less popular forms of leisure time dominant, our homes and forms of entertainment have been transformed.
The current situation offers an exceptional opportunity to make the future more people-centred and people-centric, in which designers will play a crucial role. Budapest Design Week 2021 will try to address this phenomenon, with a very positive attitude and by showcasing a number of experimental, novel phenomena, ideas and innovations to demonstrate that design can be an effective, flexible and versatile tool for creating the new society.


During the 10 days, the organisers and their partners will be hosting webinars, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and the popular Open Studios series of programmes in both online and offline spaces, while the winners of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award will be announced on the opening evening.

Place: Société Budapest, Sas utca 15.
Date: Between October 8 – 17
Entry: Free

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Budapešť, Société Budapest, Sas Street, Maďarsko



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