A New World was Born exhibiton

01.07.2021 - 31.07.2021

It is more than a hundred years since the end of the First World War. A New World was Born is a colourful and interactive exhibition about this very interesting and sad period at the beginning of the last century. Your guide will take you from the marshes of the Western Front to the depths of the trenches in a life-like reconstruction. The guided walk will give you an insight into the daily life of the front and the home front, the lives of the most important personalities of the time, the aftermath of the Paris peace and the new world order that emerged after the Great War. The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Place: Várkert bazár – Southern palaces, Ybl Miklós square 2-6.
Date: Permanent exhibition
Entry: 4000Ft (apx. 12€)

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Budapešť, Maďarsko


12 EUR

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