World Goth Day Stream 2021 Prague

22.05.2021 - 23.05.2021

On 22 May it’s WORLD GOTH DAY again, and since bigger festivals and gigs are unlikely to take place in the near future, here is the second online edition of the WORLD GOTH DAY STREAM! This year the event will go on for a complete day, featuring 48 half-hour DJ sets from 48 DJs or DJ couples from over 20 countries – a truly international event to bring the local scenes together.

DJ lineup
acidbitter & Biochili (USA)
DJ Alex (The Post Punk Show – Jerusalem, Israel)
DJ Anarki (The New Order – Melbourne, Australia)
DJ Andreas (Cold Transmission – Frankfurt, Germany)
DJ Azy & DJ Vamp Daddy (Obscura Undead – Tampa FL, USA)
DJ BeauTato (The Chamber Baton Rouge – New Orleans LA, USA)
Blackdeath1334 (Sardinia, Italy / London, UK)
DJ Carnivorous (Bergen, Norway)
DJ CCCP (onderSTROOM – Amsterdam, Netherlands)
DJ Christabel (DeadCorvux – Tijuana, Mexico)
DJ Cinis (Obscura Undead – Northern Virginia, USA)
DJ Cyberpagan ( – Braunschweig, Germany)
Dea Decay (Florida, USA)
DJ Diego Moura (Requiem Club – Buenos Aires, Agentina)
DJ Dmitry Flo (Radio 88 Ga Ga – Moscow, Russia)
DJ Eris (The New Order – Melbourne, Australia)
DJ Fil Noir (Reformation – London, UK)
DJ Gavra (Vrtoglavica Klub – Belgrade, Serbia)
DJ Gwiingwans (Dead Star Nation – Minneapolis, Mní Sota Makoce, USA)
DJ Hades (Dark Malta Festival – Malta)
DJ HATE Mior (Darkness Forever – Toronto, Canada)
DJ HTR (DeadCorvux – Tijuana, Mexico)
Lord Fer (El Real Under – Mexico City, Mexico)
DJ Ludmila Houben (Trevosa / Discodrama – Berlin / Brazil)
martin oldgoth (Mondlicht – Colchester, UK)
DJ Matthew Fink (Johannesburg, South Africa)
DJ Maus (Obscura Undead – Orlando FL, USA)
DJ Maus (Obscura Undead – Tampa FL, USA)
MisPrid (The Prids / Unhappy Hour – Portland OR, USA)
DJ Misti (Virginia, USA)
Mistress McCutchan (Prophecy – Toronto, Canada)
DJ Misty (Night Beat Records – Osaka, Japan)
DJ MizMargo (Sleepwalk – USA) & DJ Adrienne Scissorhands (Post-Mortem – San Francisco CA, USA)
Mortasha Kinski (Sydney, Australia / London, UK)
DJ Naggaroth & DJ Gomez (Dead Souls Gothic Lounge – Indianapolis, USA / Chile)
DJ nAo12xu (†13th Moon† – Tokyo, Japan)
DJ Nephilim ( – Prague, Czech Republic)
DJ pAnd0rA (Stranger Sounds, Overdose – Salzburg, Austria)
The Pirate Twins: William Faith (Lonely Tarts Club) & Scary Lady Sarah (Nocturna) (American Gothic Productions – Chicago, USA)
DJ Sean Templar (The Red Party – New York City, USA)
DJ SisterPain (Bolivia)
DJ Thamona (Berlin, Germany)
DJ Woodraf (Return To The Batcave – Wroclaw, Poland)
DJ Wyntre Mysteria (Catacomb, The Oracle Hour – San Diego CA, USA)
DJ Yami Spechie (Die in the disco, whip me? – Lima, Peru)
DJ Yggdrasil (Graveyard Thrills – Lisbon, Portugal)
DJ Zona Fantasma (Zona Fantasma – Santiago, Chile)
Zynische (Dance of Youth – Padua, Italy)

Date: from Saturday, May 22, to Sunday, May 23, 2021
Start: 2.00 pm
Language: English
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Prague, Česko



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