Pop music rarely gets more grandiose than it is in the hands of Suede. The group’s aura has always been surrounded by flirtation, drama, darkness and a subtle streak of danger. When it went out in the nineties, they were often lumped together with various Brit pop bands but never really belonged in that scene, which charismatic singer Brett Anderson and other members. Suede operates in a universe of its own, they tell of existences and environments that few peers have been particularly interested in. Now they are returning to Sweden to perform the 1996 hit album Coming Up in its entirety at the Annexet in Stockholm!

Place: Annexet, Arenatorget 1, Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 27th April 2020
Start: 7:30 PM
Admission: 50 EUR
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Annexet, Arenatorget, Johanneshov, Sweden


50 EUR

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