Myra Watterfalls

17.06.2020 - 31.12.2023

Myra Watterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Austria. They are located only 70 km away from Vienna and the hiking trail which leads to the waterfall is very easy so even children can come and visit with you. The parking where you can leave your car is situated above the village of Muggendorf. From there, the only thing you need to do is travel through the wooden brides and stair which have been built there to ensure a safe passageway to the site. Along the trail you´ll be able to see numerous cascades and smaller waterfalls. We hope you´ll enjoy your day here 😀

When: all year round
Where: Myra Waterfalls, Muggendorf, Austria
Entry: free
Contact: +43 2632 74955

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