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06.04.2020 - 31.12.2022

All of us in Slovakia are being really responsible and staying home. We are proud of all of you who are limiting their trips to shops to get your essentials, who are practicing social distancing and wear face masks with pride. ☺ If you would like to limit your contact with people to the minimum and prefer to have your groceries, items for home repairments or essentials from drug stores delivered to your home, we’ve got your back. Here is a list of stores that adapted to the situation real fast and will deliver most of your heart and family desires during these challenging times.


Let’s start with the most important thing these days – Face masks. If you didn’t get one or you are not all that skilled to fashion one at home, there are two vending machines in Bratislava, where you can purchase a face mask for a very reasonable price. They are located at Trnavské Mýto (2,90 €) in the underpass and at bus station Nivy (3,50 €) . Keep safe and get a face mask for you and your family. ☺ Unfortunately, these face masks can’t be delivered home. But you can buy quality face masks online.
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Malina Potraviny
Malina has launched their eshop couple of days ago and offers two options for online shoppers – either you can have your groceries delivered to your home or you can click & collect. If you choose the click& collect option, there are several sites where you can pick up your online delivery, the next day after you place the order. If you would like to have your groceries delivered to your home, they promise at the moment to have it delivered within 2 business days tops. Home delivery is free within Bratislava for all purchases above 50 euro or 5 euro per delivery for orders that are less than 50 euro.
The whole eshop is in Slovak, however, we recommend you to try and use Google Chrome browser and translate the page.
You can find out more and place your order via this link More info

Edelia is an online grocery store that offers a wide range of products for a household – groceries, items to keep your household clean or things for your pet. They even have a section for Slovak made products, which is a fantastic way to make sure we support local businesses at this challenging time. Your minimum order needs to be 30 euro and you can check whether they deliver also to your city already during your shopping. As they are facing a huge amount of online orders, they have a specific system for online orders to make sure they can deliver at the earliest possible delivery date. At the top of their page, you’ll find information on when it is possible to place your order and on what day it could possibly be delivered.
To shop online via edelia, click here. Min. order is 30 euro.
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Tesco has a very sophisticated online store, where you’ll find almost everything. You can change your shopping list even the day before delivery and they have a wide range of products. You can either choose delivery to home or click & collect option by choosing the closest Tesco to your home. However, Tesco is currently facing a huge rise in online orders around the whole country, meaning you won’t be able to get your order delivered probably within the next few weeks. But don’t be discouraged yet. Now is a good time to plan ahead and create your shopping list, add to it as times goes and be sure that when you are running out of your essentials, Tesco will be delivering you new supplies. If you can get a delivery date, make sure to book it and keep on adding to the shopping list as the time goes. Their delivery prices are very reasonable and the service is top-notch. We are speaking from personal experience.:) And the best news is, being it Tesco, their whole page is also translated to English.
To shop online from Tesco, click here More info

Stará Tržnica – Trh – Piac Market, Products from local vendors
We love the Saturday market in Stará Tržnica. As we are not able to enjoy this Saturday ritual at the moment, Stará Tržnica has decided to help all of their local vendors by taking online orders and delivering their fantastic products within Bratislava. So if you would like to order fresh fruits, vegetables, organic meat, nuts etc. and support small farmers and producers, follow their Facebook page at More info
Each week Stará Tržnica is posting a link with different “boxes” from local vendors that you can order and have delivered. Remember, small purchase, big help. And on top of it, you’ll have a supply of healthy and high-quality ingredients for you and your family. ☺
You can find out more information also on their website More info

Gazdovia is a great eshop if you are looking for high-quality products from local farmers and producers. They have a wide range of products, including the essentials like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk products and even something sweet.:) Veggies and fruits can be ordered as a whole box, with different kinds of vegetables and fruits. What’s great about these boxes, that you can also get items, you might not usually order, opening your horizons to new recipes and experience☺.
You can shop from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered straight to your door. To lower the carbon footprint, it might be a good idea to do a bigger shopping, so the delivery car is coming all loaded to your address. Remember that as all food stores, even Gazdovia might face some challenges with higher demand, therefore the delivery might take a bit longer than usual. But we can attest that it is definitely worth it.:) At the moment, the minimum order is 50 euro and delivery will cost you 5 euro.
Find out more and shop from local farmers and producers on this link:
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Freshbox is a new e-shop that offers a good range of products –mainly groceries, that you can order online and have delivered to your front door. They guarantee delivery within 24 hours.
You can find out their offer at this link More info

U Dobrožrúta
The first zero-waste bakery with high quality and eco products was also trying to figure out how to keep on going and still be able to provide their customers with their amazing products. Recently they have added also fruit and vegetables to their offer. Yaay! ☺ If you would like to support these great zero waste stores and help them survive this crazy time, send an email to objednavky.dobrozruti@gmail.com and they will send you a list of what you can currently order. They take in orders weekly on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday. You can either come and pick up your order the next week on Mondays/ Tuesday or Wednesday or if you order for 15 euro and more, they can deliver it straight to your home. ☺
To find out more, check out their FB page on More info

Pán Králiček
Coffee is essential for many of us. Without coffee working long hours from home, taking care of family or just handling this whole situation will be unbearable. This is why we are grateful and happy that Pán Králiček decided to sell high-quality coffee packages that you can enjoy at your home. They deliver each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday within Bratislava. You can pay only by card and there are several types of coffee packages to choose from.
The list of coffee packs offered by Pán Kraliček with home delivery is on this link More info


DM Drogeria
DM offers home delivery, too. You can shop easily on their e-shop for all of the essentials that you might need for your personal or household hygiene. Simply add to your cart, fill in the information details and pay by card. The delivery depends on your address and the demand at the moment. At this moment your products will be delivered within 9 to 12 days.
Shop here More info
A little tip, if you are registered and your order is above 49 euro, the delivery will be free of charge.

This e-store has a nice range of products for household and personal hygiene. They offer a free of charge home delivery if your order is above 50 €. You can also have your order sent to one of 150 Zasielkovňa pick up points for 1,99 €. Drogerka.sk promises delivery within 24 hours, making a great spot to shop for urgent things you and your family might need.
Do your shopping at More info

Alza is best known for its offer of different electronic appliances and gadgets. But did you know, you can also order some items for households? Whether you need to do laundry, the dishes, clean your house or need items for personal hygiene, it is very likely you will find it on Alza in this section More info
And the best news is, their entire e-shop has been translated into English and they deliver in the whole country.

Mall is also an online store that has a very wide range of products from washing machines to food for pets. Among all of these products, you will also find a little drugstore or cosmetics section. Simply pick the items you need and would like to order, add to cart and pick your preferred delivery – express or standard. In any way, you should have your items delivered to your home within a week.
To shop in the drugstore section, click on this link More info


It’s important to keep healthy and have regular fitness sessions during home isolation. And since you might not have all of the items that you need to keep on working out, there are few shops that offer a nice range of sports equipment with home delivery.

If you are a sports person, you must know Decathlon. And if you don’t, now is a great time to get familiar with their offer and choose your favorites, from the safety of your home. Be it a yoga mat or weight or hula hoop. You will find almost everything you can think of on their e-shop. Shop at More info

Fairly new e-shop from Lidl has a nice offer of different sorts of things you can buy online and have delivered to your home –from drills to you guessed it – sports clothes and equipment. All you need to do is to choose, click, add to cart and wait for the delivery truck to come. Are you ready for your work out session? ☺

Tchibo has a beautiful e-shop that offers all sorts of items – clothes, household appliances, coffee and sports clothes and equipment. You will be able to find stunning clothes to work out in and all sorts of equipment for home-based work out sessions. All priced very well, making fitness affordable for everyone. Your order will be delivered safely to your home, keeping you and other people safe.


Obi has a fantastic e-shop that offers a huge range of products that you can order online and have delivered safely to your home. Whether it is a paint for your DIY project or items for some home reparations, you will most probably find it over at OBI. The average delivery is somewhere around 3-4 days, depending on the items you bought.
More at More info

Hornbach has also a great e-shop where you will find even what you never thought you might need. So, if you want to use this time at home to do something creative or work on a DYI project that you postponed for years, but want to keep safe and avoid shopping around other people, check out More info

We love efarby and the fact that you can still work on your DIY projects without going out of your house. Check out their e-shop, choose the materials you need and have it delivered to you home. Safe and sound.:)
Find out more at More info

If we are talking about modernizing or changing our homes, we can’t forget IKEA. Not only do they deliver all of their orders, but they offer a free of charge online planning. So if you are thinking about a new kitchen or closet, now is the time to book your slot and get on it. Can you imagine a better time for an adult-sized puzzle made of IKEA parts than a quarantine? ☺

And remember, try to stay home as much as possible, don’t go to stores if you don’t have to and practice social distancing. If you have more tips on different stores that you didn’t find in this list, leave them in the comment section on our Facebook page and we will make sure to add them in.:)
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