HOLI Festival of Colours


Unbelievable! The HOLI Festival of Colours has been touring Europe for 8 years and millions of people celebrated an unforgettable colourful time there. For a moment it looked as if this colourful festival would no longer take place, but now it is certain that this unique festival will come back to Vienna on August 13th, 2022! New organizers were able to save this wonderful spectacle and that is why your summer will be colourful ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Take the chance to experience the incredibly positive atmosphere and energy in your area! We look forward to many smiling, happy faces celebrating the wonderful festival of colours with us in the open air. Austria’s top DJs and acts will of course join us again this year on the HOLI TOUR” – HOLI, the festival for everyone who loves colour. Be there when you count from 10 to 0 in the midst of thousands of colourful faces, and we dive into a huge cloud of colour together … pure goose bumps!

When: Saturday, August 13, 2022
Start: 2 PM
Where: Arena Nova, Rudolf-Diesel-Straße, Wiener Neustadt
TICKETS 27.90 – 62.90 €

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Wien, Rakúsko


27.90-62.90 EUR

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