Jazz Festival

  • 16.09.2022 - 18.09.2022
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Let’s celebrate jazz together at the Józsefváros festival and pay tribute to the local traditions of the genre. Since jazz music is an integral part of the district’s history, its a must to listen to the concerts of the best performers of the genre here. You can expect a colorful musical cavalcade, various styles and excitement during the multi-day series of programs on Rákóczi Square.

Józsefváros launched the multi-day district jazz festival in 2021 with the intention of creating tradition, which is a tribute to the local traditions of the genre and at the same time an opportunity for as many people as possible to get to know the jazz musicians of the future. Countless of our world-famous jazz musicians were born, lived, and still live in Józsefváros, starting from here on their way to world fame, promoting Hungarian culture at the same time with the help of jazz music. Entire generations of musicians grew up and were educated in the district, it is almost a commonplace that Józsefváros is the district of gypsy musicians. The jazz scene that started in Hungary in the 1970s gained more and more space in the district’s cultural life, and the first jazz clubs opened in the 1980s.

16:00 East Gipsy | Rákóczi square
17:00 Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos Quartet | Rákóczi square hall
18:00 Őri Kiss Botond Septet | Rákóczi square
19:00 Oláh Kálmán Quartet | Rákóczi square hall
20:00 Canarro | Rákóczi square
21:00 Éles Gábor Trio | Rákóczi square hall
16:00 Oláh Kálmán Next Generation Quartet | Rákóczi square
17:00 Rafael Márió Trio | Rákóczi square hall
18:00 Balázs Elemér Group | Rákóczi square
19:00 Tzumo Trió Feat Gabi Szabó | Rákóczi square hall
20:00 Sauropoda | Rákóczi square hall
21:00 Gentry Sultan | Rákóczi square
16:00 Oláh Krisztián and Bálint Gyémánt | Rákóczi square
17:00 Oláh Dezső Trio | Rákóczi square hall
18:00 Afium Trio | Rákóczi square
19:00 Mario Mariani and Daniela Spalletta | Rákóczi square hall
20:00 Amoeba | Rákóczi square
21:00 Kinetic Erotic | Rákóczi square hall

Location: Rákóczi square
Date: September 16-18
Time: 16:00-22:00

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