Best Pools And Beaches In Budapest



As the hot summer weather has arrived, many of us would surely like to spend our free time near the water with an ice-cold drink in hand and a good bite. That's why we brought you the best places where you'll have a great time relaxing. Check out the best spas and beaches in the city!
1. Dandár Thermal Bath
2. Rudas Bath
3.Saint Gellért Thermal Park
4. Sho Beach
5.Széchenyi Thermal Bath
6. MoM Sports Swimming Pool
7. Palatinus Bath
8. National Sports Swimming Pool
9. Lupa Lake
10. Roman Beach


1. Dandár Thermal Bath

If you don't like crowded spas but would still love to cool down somewhere, the Dandár Bath is the right place for you. It is well equipped with pools and a sauna world, but we can also choose from massages. the place, located at district IX., has been renewed several times since its construction, and has now grown into a really sophisticated and friendly place. In the outdoor courtyard, the wellness pools are even equipped with chessboards to add a little extra fun to your relaxation.



2. Rudas Bath

Among our traditional thermal spas, one of the oldest and most aesthetically pleasing is the Rudas Bath. Its construction dates back to 1520, then the Turkish bath was built during the Turkish occupation, and the spa at the end of the 19th century. Visitors are often attracted by the special, panoramic rooftop sun terrace, night bathing, super parties and the selection of saunas. Because traditions are important to the spa, it is mostly only open to men, and only Tuesdays and weekends are reserved for women.




3. Saint Gellért Thermal Bath

The city's most treasured historical bath, the Saint Gellért Thermal Bath, opened its doors at the beginning of the 20th century. Despite the slightly steeper prices, it has a wide clientele, as it easily wins the hearts of visitors with its beautiful Art Nouveau style and the wide range of services. In addition to many others, the bath abounds in swimming, thermal, experience and wave pools, and you can even pamper yourselves with beauty and medical treatments.




4. SHO Beach

You can enjoy a seaside experience when you visit SHO Beach, as it offers a sandy beach and excellent water quality for all those who want to bathe. It is also worth mentioning the wonderful flavors, because the MÁK pop-up and the SHO Beach&Grill take care of the excellent gastronomy. At the former, we can get to know fine-dining versions of traditional beach dishes, and for dessert we can even enjoy a Cloud 9 ice cream dessert. There are deckchairs and umbrellas on the beach, and a VIP section is also available for events.




5. Széchenyi Thermal Bath

The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is one of the most beautiful places in Budapest. The beautiful and huge spa is popular among foreigners and locals alike. It awaits visitors with a wide selection; with a thermal and wellness department, pools, and medical treatments as well. But for those who would like to sneak a little sport into their relaxation, a fitness department is also available.




6. MoM Spots Swimming Pool

If you would like to do some sports in addition to swimming, the MoM Sports Swimming Pool is the place for you! The 70,000 square meter complex offers many forms of exercise and relaxation. Indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and steam cabins are waiting those who'd want to unwind, but there is also an artificial grass soccer field, a gym and even a playground in the area.




7. Palatinus Bath

This spa is one of the oldest and most popular among Budapest residents, and it's no accident! Palatinus on Margitsziget is a pleasant place with family or with friends if you'd like to cool down. In addition to saunas and thermal pools, the place is also rich in adventure pools, some of which are equipped with slides. In addition, those who want a little extra excitement can even try surfing.




8. National Sports Swimming Pool

The Hajós Alfréd National Sports Swimming Pool, a favorite place for top local athletes, is also a good choice during the summer months. The first indoor swimming pool in Hungary is equipped with 8 pools and a diving platform, and is very affordable for those who want to swim. It is also worth trying the outdoor part, which bears the name Tamás Széchy, but of course this area is also part of the swimming pool.




9. Lupa Lake

You can have a real tropical experience if you choose Lupa Beach on the border of Budakeszi. It really wins the hearts of visitors with its white sandy beach and beautiful water, but we can't forget the gastro promenade, clubs and sports fields either. The place is also suitable for fishermen and wakeboarders, and there is even a separate beach section for children.




10. Roman Beach

One of the city's most atmospheric free beaches is the Roman Beach, in the northern part of Buda. Its greatest pride is the wide gastronomic offer, from cozy places to sit out to ruin pubs, you can find everything here, and they also offer delicious food and special drinks. You can choose between classic flavors and new-wave delicacies, or you can also go for an ice cream. You can relax in deckchairs or bean bags, often accompanied by great concerts.



Photo: Suzi Kim
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