Underground Music Night

Underground Music Night

  • 29.09.2022
  • Events, What to do in Budapest
  • 1000 Ft

Astorias | Fractured Youth | Waiting For The Asteroid Concerts. At the end of September, we can go to a really special evening at the Manyi Cultural Workshop. On the 29th, the organizers will liven up the place with three concerts, namely with a very special mix. Although they do not play in the same style, all three bands have a unique, special sound. We will hear space blues, ambient and psychedelic tunes from Waiting For The Asteroid, indie blues rock and grunge from Astorias, and post punk tunes from Fractured Youth.

19.00 Waiting For The Asteroid |space blues-ambient-psychedelic|
20.10 Astorias |indie-blues rock, grunge|
21.10 Fractured Youth |one-head post-punk|

Admission: HUF 1,000

Did you know that Astoria got its name from the Astoria hotel, where Gyula Krúdy was a regular guest? He liked the hostel because the cleaner only came late and cleaned very quietly. So he didn’t wake her up when she fell from one depressive dream to another after a hangover. And to be honest, we all have a depressed Krúdy with a hangover who doesn’t want to be knocked into his room at dawn to clean.
Founded in 2019, Astorias brings you the real Krúdy experience. The band from Budapest’s underground scene mixes grunge, indie and blues rock and makes sure that you don’t want a single rattling soul in your room at dawn.
vocals/guitar – Anga Titusz
bass guitar/guitar – Gyuri Mayer
drums – Matyi Bartos

Those whose passion is darkness and pain know what it’s like when everything that mattered around us closes.
The underground studio room has been closed for a long time, but from the inside, ancient technology yawns, the guitars are mechanical, the drums are fast and youth is now completely shattered.
Antal Soma brings the new direction of Post-Punk and Gothic Pop with his one-man band tonight, where floating in nothing will save us.

A battered and worn cargo ship enters our Earth’s atmosphere. Distinctive marking of a pilot glider
grunts in unison as it leads itself to Manyi’s dock. The officer carrying out the inspection of the documents, with a tired face, files the ticket with the joy of recognition.
Spacecraft: The Asteroid
Ship class: Space Blues (Experimental, electronic, psychedelic, ambient blues)
Destination: Budapest, Margit boulevard 16, 1027
Purpose of stay: Periodic audiovisual maintenance, public offloading.
Date of completion of work: September 29, 2022.

Location: Manyi Cultural Workshop
Date: September 29
Time: 19:00

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