Smejko a Tanculienka

Smejko and Tanculienka concert

Smejko a Tanculienka

Smejko and Tanculienka concert

  • 07.05.2024
  • Events, What to do in Bratislava
  • 14 €

Smejko, Tanculienka and Huncúlik are looking forward to seeing you with their new performance Zaber a makaj in Bratislava!

Smejko is lazy! Will you help us get him moving? With your favourite songs, we’ll convince him to work out and dance with us.

Smejko, Tanculienka and Huncúlik in the new show Let’s Go! decide to do something for their health. And so all three of them agree to start exercising honestly.

All three of them… except Smejko. Both the dancer and Huncúlik wake up Smejk with the wake-up song Good Morning and the well-known Hey Rup, Let’s Go! But then they find out that Smejko has fattened up. He just wants to eat and eat, for example with the song Yummy Yummy. He doesn’t want to exercise for the world either, because Lemra the sloth has snuggled up next to him. He would most like to sleep on the stove like Pecival.

But so what if Smejka is still entertained by Mobile and forever staring into it instead of exercising. The dancer and the Huntsman have no patience with him anymore and take the Mobile away from him. By then, the tired Smejk is dreaming a dream about the Wolf and the Mack racing in a forest race. After waking up, Smejko finally recovers. He admits that he is no longer a little Tiny and starts to practice hard for the hit of the cat Dusek: You can stand more.

Everyone is happy that Smejko has finally been convinced and they dance the Sheya Hoya together. But you don’t always need a gym to play sports. Sometimes even a simple Bicycle or dancing for joy to the song Tancuj tancuj is enough. The important thing is to endure for at least a year, as the song Zaber a makaj reminds us. Smejko and Tanculienka hope that the little bugs will also join in the exercise, because they are certainly not some lemmings. Beetles are, after all, Exceptional.

So join the fans of sport and exercise too! Best with Smiler and Dancer in a song and dance performance of Kick and Work! 💪

👉 The performance lasts approximately 60 minutes and is suitable for everyone from 2 years of age.
👉 Each person, adult and child, regardless of age, must have a valid ticket.
👉 For safety and capacity reasons, we only allow as many people into the auditorium as there are seats in the auditorium. We are concerned about the safety and comfort of our little ones.
👉 As a bonus for every 4 tickets purchased in one purchase you can choose a gift:
1. DVD (choice of title determined by the organizer)
2. Monthly access to all our movies and stories on
🎁 You will receive the gift before entering the hall.
To get the gift you need to put exactly 4 tickets in the basket.
👉 A child with a valid Disability ID under 15 years of age will be entitled to a 50% refund of the admission price after purchasing a ticket and presenting the Disability ID at the entrance before the event.
❗ Discounts and tickets for children. Ticket prices are the same for children and adults.
❗ Tickets are recommended to be purchased online.
❗ Ticket price in online presale: 14€/person.
❗ Please note that the number of tickets on sale is limited – there may not be any tickets available on site.
Be surprised and come to a unique song and dance performance with Huncúlik and Laugh and Dance!

Little bugs, we look forward to seeing you at the concerts!

Your Smejko and Tanculienka

Venue: DK Dúbravka, Bratislava
Date: Tuesday, 07.05.2024
Time: 5 PM
Entrance: 14 €

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