Halloween at Furuvik

Halloween at Furuvik

  • 15.10.2022 - 05.11.2022
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
  • 199 - 349 SEK

To top the list of the enjoying scary attractions in Stockholm, we proudly present Furuvik and its Halloween frights! Do you have it in you to dare conquer the fights of Furuvik? Then be sure to bring all your Halloween loving friends with you!

Halloween at Furuvik
Boo! The creepiest and coziest experience of the year is back. The entire park is filled with exciting experiences for the whole family. Here you can meet both witches and zombies, enjoy a Halloween-decorated park and ride our fun attractions that stay open as long as the weather permits.

This year we offer several novelties; including the brand new Pelle Svanslös performance “Buuus eller Candy” and ÖN; during Horror Nights, our adventure island becomes your worst nightmare. ÖN is part of Horror Nights and suits our slightly older visitors.

When the park closes for the day, we open up again for the hit Horror Nights!

Halloween is open 15–16 October, 22–23 October and 29–30 October and 2–5 November at 11:00–18:00.

Horror Nights is open 29 October and 3–5 November at 19:00–23:00

Parade and ghost disco (new!)
During the afternoon, all the creepy and creepy creatures gather for a parade. Here all guests can connect and walk together through the park. The parade ends with a suitably cheesy ghost disco for all ages!

Pelle Svanslös eerie ghost show (new!)
This year we proudly present a brand new Halloween performance with our protagonist Pelle Svanslös. Pelle invites you to a ghostly performance adapted for the whole family. See you at the Pelle stage!

Secrets of South America (New!)
Meet various mysterious creatures that we suspect have emerged from the water. Strange noises are heard in the closed attraction. Staff have seen silhouettes of creatures rising from the river. Do you dare to enter and see what is hiding in the corridors?

The Toymaker (new!)
For years, the evil toymaker has lured children into his house using toys. The children have subsequently been exposed to unknown experiments, and will never be themselves again… The glances echo blankly and all humanity seems to have left their little bodies forever. Can you resist the Toymaker’s enticing words?

Skeleton hunting with the werewolves (new!)
How many skeleton parts can you find in the lemur pendant? Luscious werewolves play here – watch out!

Witches of the Stone Forest
Come by and say hello to the Stone Forest witches Ametista, Smaragda, Agata and Pyritea. Sing a song or take the opportunity to play a bit of rock.

The Zombie Express – the hit from 2021 is back
During a trip in Transylvania, the Orient Express picked up a passenger carrying a zombie infection. One by one the passages turned into man-eating zombies but the conductor managed to contain the outbreak by locking all the zombies in the last carriages. Or did he?

The village
From several miles away, the commotion in Furuviksparken can be heard, something that has attracted the local forest service. Especially during the time of the dead and other dark forces. As the mists lay thick over the park’s paths, a werewolf meets a lemur and a vampire smells the sweet blood of children. The rumor has spread and now shadows are looming in every corner of the park.

Creepy Carnival
A traveling troupe of strange and misfit jesters, led by the Adolfi siblings, offer dubious performances and strange rituals to the horror of the audience at the fairground.

Haunted farm
On the old farm that was once owned by the large farmer Erk Jons, time has stood still. When the farm was moved to Furuvik in 1945, it was not only logs and stones that came with it, but also the farm’s haunted souls who were unwilling to leave the earthly life. During Halloween, the time of the dead, we living people can glimpse the sinister spirits of the farm.

The labyrinth
Dare to enter a both clever and eerie Labyrinth in our Creepy Carneval area.

In every nook and cranny hides an entity that will do everything to chase you out of the maze. We cannot guarantee that you will get out, even though it will be your only wish when you entered.

Story reading in Kruthuset
Here, both big and small can listen to spooky stories!

The Tivoli is open!
During Halloween, our fairground turns into a classic American turn-of-the-century circus! Here, you can ride all of our dizzying and fun attractions and enjoy the Halloween transformation. At Tivolit, we have also built a fun labyrinth and you can both eat food and coffee in the area. Free rides are included in the ticket for Halloween 2022.

We reserve the right to close attractions if temperatures are too low.

Horror Nights – horror takes over the park
Horror Nights is for the elderly – after we close for the day, we open up a significantly scarier Furuvik when darkness falls over the park. Please note that Horror Nights tickets are purchased separately and are not included with regular Halloween admission.

This is included in your ticket (Furuvik Halloween):
Entrance – entry to a cozy and creepy experience in the park! ?
Free rides in our attractions! ?
Free entry to all our horror houses! ?‍♀️??️
Adults (13+ years) –> 299 – 349 SEK (depending on day)
Children (3-12 years) –> 199 – 249 SEK (depending on day)
Children less than 3 years –> Free

This is included in your ticket (Furuvik Halloween Nights):
Entrance – entry to your worst nightmare ?
Free rides in our attractions! ?
Free entry to all our horror houses! ??️
Jet pass to the ISLAND ?‍♀️
Adults (13+ years) –> 329 SEK

Looking for more creepy tips? HALLOWEEN IN STOCKHOLM.


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