Stockholm Zombie Walk

Stockholm Zombie Walk

  • 19.08.2023
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm
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  • 12:00

Are you a fan of zombies? Or have you ever wondered what it´s like to be a zombie? Then this event is made just for you – experience a terrifying zombie walk across Stockholm´s streets and become part of the horde!

🧠🧠🧠 BRAAAAAAAAIIIINSSSS !!!!!!!!!! 🧠🧠🧠


We will gather in Fatbursparken 19th of August at 12:00. And after the last minute blood-n-gore-fix, we will march at 13:00.

This year’s theme (if you are out of ideas 😉 ) “Worst case scenario deaths / Darwin award zombies”

This year’s promo pic !!!
Location for “meatup” 😉 !!!
Route of the walk !!!

Now they are moving again!

After a two-year art hiatus, it’s finally time for us (you too, of course.. and your friends, family, neighbours… everyone!) to roll out Stockholm’s most futile, single-minded and creative promenade by far; the then 15th in a series of Stockholm Zombie Walks!

The date is set and the lab is buzzing with activity. More info on location, route and specific times coming soon. As usual, the horde will be guided with vehicles, music and spex (as well as equally enthusiastic law enforcement, best gig of the year according to several of the cops who escorted us). However, please take a moment to study the map. ?

The Stockholm Zombie Walk has been organised for a few years now by an ideal association of the same name. The association’s members are you the participants; the ravenously hungry horde with its various offshoots, and depends on your involvement, participation and membership. Membership is free of charge. As a supporting member there are no obligations, and if you feel really hungry you can choose to be an active member, and there you can influence and promote the slow but unstoppable progress of the horde.

Here is some general information. Please read everything to participate!

► We have a strict weapons policy. No firearms, accessories or props that can be mistaken for real are allowed due to public safety concerns. This includes weapons that fire any kind of projectiles such as: airsoft, nerf and foam guns. No exceptions. Water pistols, toy guns, etc. that are visibly not real and can be distinguished from a long distance are allowed.

► First in the train we have a lead vehicle; we prefer everyone to stay behind this, applies to both zombies and survivors but not photographers. We urge our zombies to move as slowly as possible and, if at any time you find yourself at the front of the train, to feel free to stop, turn around and look at everyone else’s creations for a moment.

Our instagram: @stockholm_zombiewalk_official

More info about the Stockholm Zombie Walk, how it works and a lot of other fun can be found on official website.

Place: Fatbursparken, Fatburs Brunnsgata, Stockholm
Price: Free
Date: 19. 08. 2023
Time: 12:00

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